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Umm Kind of both I’m writing a conglomeration of a bunch of different songs that my bsf and I used to sing or songs that represent somthing – so like Wonderwall because when we were in middle school him and I used to sing it at the top of our lungs and Sister Donna yelled at us getting us both in trouble and us getting detention (no regrets tho) and then Thunderstruck b/c it was the first song that him and i played together (He was on drums and I was on electric guitar) and then another would be Take on me b/c it was a song we did together as a joke for the 8th grade talent show (He did a kermit the frog voice and I did an elmo one) or like Feed me (aka git it from little shop of horrors) because I belted for Audrey II and he was Seymour and I was in the middle of the song and he ends up laughing making me laugh and it was just an utter mess – so yeah does that make sense? and yeah that’s okay you enjoy your day, okay? I don’t think I’ll be on either.¡Adios! TTYL