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~Wednesday 3rd of March 2021~

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The place to be for all your ukulele needs Forums I’m new here! ANOTHER gay, that enjoys talking to other gays. Reply To: ANOTHER gay, that enjoys talking to other gays.

Rai Of Musical Sunshine

Dont worry bout it. Im glad that you felt safe enough to be open about something that personal. I truly understand that feeling tho. last year was rough for me. I fell in love with one of my close friends and we dated and then things when down hill after my parents figured out I was dating someone. (Im not aloud to date yet) And this person was and Is one of my bestest friends. but about a year ago we made some not great decisions and my mom found our messages and I haven’t had a phone for almost a year now. and I haven’t seen this person/hung out for a while. we talk occasionally. but then this year I have felt like a human experiment in the two short relationships i was in. on person was just toxic and the other was just using my for a lack of better terms. It hurts alot. The person from last year, I miss so much. Hes someone I can never let go of. I know it may hurt bad Rn, but It will get better soon. Quarantine is messing with everyones brains tbh.