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~Friday 5th of March 2021~

Welcome to UkuWorld!

Viva La Ukulele

UkuWorld is the center for all your ukulele needs! Tune your ukulele with our advanced UkuTuner. Practice chords with UkuChords and step up your game by learning ukulele scales at UkuScales. Don't know where start? Go over to UkuGuides and read some of the comprehensive guides or just go over the quick tips. In the end, above all, enjoy playing your favorite songs on your ukulele with UkuTabs where you can find a huge amount of songs available at your fingertips.


oh also here’s a trick: if you ever come across a tab that’s too hard/has too hard of chords, then you can click around with the transposing buttons at the top of the screen to find an easier version of the song you want to play. of course it usually sounds better in the original key but you can use it to make playing the song easier until you learn the chords. (it’s a trick i use when i’m teaching uke!)