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~Friday 26th of February 2021~

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The place to be for all your ukulele needs Forums I’m new here! Hi. I See There Are Many Gays Here, For I am one too Reply To: Hi. I See There Are Many Gays Here, For I am one too

Rai Of Musical Sunshine

Its all good. Welcome. My names Rai, I’ve been out for 3 years. As Non Binary and Pan/Gay. and trust me, its no rush to come out. and That awesome you have a girlfriend. I have a boyfriend that my parents don’t know about but they know we like each other and they support it so yeah. but when it comes to me being Non binary. They wont get me a chest binder and don’t even think about using my preferred pronouns. But I have learned to deal with it and I have learned it good to surround yourself with good friends and people. Even tho my parents prolly don’t understand it much, I still have a few cousins and LGBTQ+ friends and allies that are have been through it all with me. so I’d say just come out when you feel ready. Feel free to share any stories on here. This chat I made is for a safe place if anyone needs to share something or get something of their chest. I’m all open ears.
Otter, I wish you luck. Don’t forget, take your time and there is no rush to coming out. and if you feel ready, I fully support you. You got this.
Theinsanelycooljaredklienman, that’s cool. I recently learned my cousin that’s closest in age to me (year apart) is pan. so that’s cool. Cousins can be great.
Hope y’all are doing well.
~ Rai of Musical Sunshine