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~Monday 8th of March 2021~

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Oh my wow.

Me and my girlfriend (over labor day weekend) went to the lake together. It was with my mom’s bfs family and my brother and sister. There were like 20 people total and we were all piled on like 5 or 6 beds. So the “kids” had like 2 beds. and there were a lot of us. Me, my brother, my girlfriend, and my mom’s bf’s niece (lets call her E because that’s a lot to type out) were all sleeping on a king-size air mattress. So my gf was on the edge, then it was me, my brother and then E. Me and my gf were lowkey cuddling under the blankets, then my brother jumped on the bed and laid there (Bc everyone was laying down to go to bed), after that I was dead asleep. I woke up at like 3-4 am to my brother and gf pulling the blankets back and forth because they were bored. I was like “doode”. After they stopped pulling the blankets (they only stopped because it ripped) me and her went out to the road and rode her skateboard (more like I pulled her because she was tired and wanted to sit down) and we went and put out feet off the dock and watched the sunrise… It was like… perfect…

I don’t know why but that was the prettiest sight I’ve ever seen. Her in my sweatshirt and a pair of shorts… with the yellowy-orange of the sunrise on her face… AHHHH!!! and the blushies come back…