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~Saturday 15th of May 2021~

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The place to be for all your ukulele needs Forums I’m new here! Hi. I See There Are Many Gays Here, For I am one too Reply To: Hi. I See There Are Many Gays Here, For I am one too


Lmao thats amazing. yeah before my boyfriend and I were a thing we flirted alot lmao. we were good friends. but like we spent lots of time together. I had first lunch and he and most of my friends has second so I would ask to go to the bathroom or take a break and get water(because my teacher was chill and I have anxiety) and I would stop by and chat with my friends and him and I would always hug. and during my walking class he would be in theater so he was able to walk outside if is was nice and practice stuff and if i was outside we would talk and such. and then after school was closed, we talked for hours over our Chromebooks. at the time I like him and another person but the feelings for the other person faded. so around the beginning of summer he and I officially confessed to each other and started dating. He and I have traded hoodies, written letters and long winded emails, and we would talk for hours on end. our longest phone call was like 8 hours one Sunday lol.