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~Monday 12th of April 2021~

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The place to be for all your ukulele needs Forums I’m new here! Hi. I See There Are Many Gays Here, For I am one too Reply To: Hi. I See There Are Many Gays Here, For I am one too


I dont know. The though of her literally brings me to tears. Like, yeah we are still together and we still love each other even if we can see each other and hug each other but I want that back. I want her back. I want to be able to hug her and hold her when she cries and I want to be her protector from the world… and I know this may sound cringy but its the truth…

she just messaged me and said “call me when I get home” so I said “okay Lovey” and she just replied with “I miss you. God, I miss you… <3 Be home soon baby” and Im crying… 🙁

also hai Otter 🙂