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~Wednesday 3rd of March 2021~

Welcome to UkuWorld!

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UkuWorld is the center for all your ukulele needs! Tune your ukulele with our advanced UkuTuner. Practice chords with UkuChords and step up your game by learning ukulele scales at UkuScales. Don't know where start? Go over to UkuGuides and read some of the comprehensive guides or just go over the quick tips. In the end, above all, enjoy playing your favorite songs on your ukulele with UkuTabs where you can find a huge amount of songs available at your fingertips.


Hi! Thank you very much for the suggestions 🙂

Do you know ukulele-tabs.com? You are basically suggesting the format they are using 😀 There you can submit songs, review songs and so on. This results in a lot of versions for one song and it is not what I am going for.

From the moment I’ve created UkuTabs (which has grown out to UkuWorld) I’ve decided on the current format where people can request songs and I add them. So I have my own little ‘editorial office’ over here, with one employee 🙂 Completely voluntarily in my spare time. While this may result in less songs and less frequent updates, it does allow me to guarantee a very high quality and it keeps things simple. One version for one song. Every song you can find here on UkuTabs (over 6000 by now) is manually added by myself and 90% of those songs (whether I am familiar with them or not) I have playtested on my ukulele to guarantee that it sounds good with the song.

Hopefully this clears things up a little bit 🙂