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~Saturday 6th of March 2021~

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Okay so hello humans, found this nice chat here due to the clique sign. I am a mysterious alien from jupiter.
…just kidding I’m just a boring girl from Hawaii. So here’s the thing, you would think that everyone in Hawaii owns and plays an ukulele right? WRONG! Barely anyone I know owns an ukulele and can play it. Weird isn’t it. Well since I’m paler than a sheet of paper (long story short I don’t go outside)(everyone here is so tan it’s not even funny) and can’t surf to save my life, I decided to honor the culture to the best of my ability and pick up an ukulele! *applause* So I trek down into my spooky basement and pull out this cheap ukulele that was bought at an ABC Store. Gotta start from somewhere. I have been practicing on the cruddy uke (it doesn’t actually sound too bad if I’m being honest) for a good month or so and I really enjoy it. So I purchased myself a beautiful tenor ukulele for Christmas. Treat yoself. So here I am here’s my life story.
Dodie Clark is my life and I am part of the Clique okay bye.