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~Monday 8th of March 2021~

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The new Uke arrived a couple of weeks ago and I did some very serious research into what’s available.

I eventually went with the Mi-Si Acoustic Trio Uke. The cost is very reasonable, and it sounds great!

It uses an under-saddle piezo from LR Baggs in combo with a battery-less pre-amp. With the pre-amp built on the end-pin there were only two holes to drill. No need to cut a big hole in the side of the Uke to accommodate the Pre. (Although my wife was mortified that I considered drilling the Uke at all!) Uses a hi-capacity capacitor system to power it, so no batteries to change. Charges in a minute for 8-16 hours of play.

The sound is clean, loud very true to the instrument itself and I’m getting far less of the “body noise” than the UK-1