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    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Oh. That cool. and Congrats. Mine was good. Went to my grandmas house. and yeah


    coolios, how was your grandma?

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Shes doing good. We usually just hangout and cook/bake stuff. I got a hair cut this weekend too, and Im ok with how it turned out. and yeah


    thats nice, she sounds like fun. and i bet it looks great

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Thank you. and yes she is. So you do art? what type of art do you like? Drawing, Painting, etc.?


    you’re welcome – drawing definitely, pencil paper sketches and projects. i almost never use color b/c somthing always goes wrong lol. and i paint sometimes never on paper or cardstock but on random items b/c i can lol (old pair of jeans, ratty old converse, backpack, etc) how about you?

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    I do all kinds. Im getting into painting. Watercolor and acrylic. lol And not on paper either. I like to paint my arms and legs but also I have pringles cans that I wanna paint too lol. and that pretty cool.


    lol thats awesome – i do that sometimes too lol i remember one time i was at my bsf house and we were painting his baby siblings’ wall and we decided to take a break and we painted both of our arms entirely and one of my legs. i looked hella cool and so did he.and also huh pringle cans thats a good idea, now ive just got to find pringles (fun fact i have never had a pringle before)

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    oh lol. Thats cool. I did that multiple times in Art club at my school. lol


    coolios rai, that’s really rad. ALSO btw happy priiiideee month! I’m not sure what your standpoints on that is but ehh what the heck why not

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Happy Pride month too!! I love celebrating pride lol. Thank you

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Hello. how are y’all doing?


    You are very welcome I love celebrating Pride too in everyway I can without questions from non-educated family members and schoolmates. And HELLO HELLO! I’m in a supriseingly good mood lol, how about you?

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Im good. And yay. awesome. Same here lol


    lol so have you ever wrote a song before rai? or really anybody?

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    No I have not. Im wanting to tho someday. Wbu?


    I have sort of, I have lyrics and names of songs I just can’t find any good chord proggressions

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Understandable. So How are you doing?


    I could be a lot better I’m trying to understand my feelings right now – how about you

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    I understand. If you wanna talk about it feel free. if not that’s ok too. and Im doing good.

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