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    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    His name is Chase. Had him for almost a year now and he turns 3 on Sunday. We got him in June last year. Hes my Pride baby lol.


    awwwww thats adorable

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Lol Thanks. Welcome back. Nice to see you here. Hows it going?


    That is adorable

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine



    so imgay7 what should we call you? also what time is it where you are AND hows life


    That’s a lot of questions lmao. First off, its 1:43, I really don’t know what you should call me, so idk bean. life has kinda sucked lately tho.

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Pat pat lol one of my many nicknames is Bean or Wholesome bean. hmm cool. When you posted that message, It was the same time here. lol


    oh cool!

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Yeah sooo. Do any of you play Animal Crossing? (Any version, it doesn’t have to be new horizons)


    sadly no. It’s depressing ;-;

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Pat pat. it’ll be ok lol. Heres something random: Its just started down pouring outside lol


    oh thats always nice. I love the rain lol

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Nice. lol what the weather like where your at?

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Its sunny now lol


    for me its sunny


    Its been cloudy and humid where i am for the last couple days kind of drizzly

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Noice. lol


    lol yeahhh not really, sooo do y’all play any vintage/retro video games or like video games in general

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    pat pat. I play minecraft, and a couple other games

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