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    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Tbh Idk how to help. I’d just say play it cool and take it easy. Do what feels right. Maybe try to get some sleep. and If he responds Maybe if your comfortable with it. tell him that you just needed someone to rant to, or that you didn’t mean to randomly rant to him like that. I mean Idk really what to do but I suggest maybe trying those. if it doesn’t work or help let me know.


    lol thanks its fine i think it worked out. he responded 7 hours later with:
    “What was that about? Jeez and for the record I have great parents they are the reason I turned out like this. are you okay? I must admit it was a bit strange”

    and i think that is a pretty dang good response to my long random thing sent at 5 am – that responce may not make sense b/c it has context in regards to the literal ESSAY i sent

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Im glad to hear that. Aw man I’ve gotten myself stuck in Animal Crossing. Im stuck in a corner and I can’t move stuff because a neighbor is in my house and Idk what to do. lmao

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    I fixed it lol.


    good lol wouldn’t want you stuck – so how are you (and happy memorial day)

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    You too. and Im doing good. how are you?


    I’m pretty okay, it’s finally sunny out & I’m practicing my korean

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine




    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    making Chuckie from the Rugrats in pixel art form in Minecraft


    why is that such a mood lol – great job and good luck that sounds awesome

    also do you speak any other languages other than english?

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Well Im in an ASL(American Sign Language) Class lol.


    Nice lol I can’t do ASL but I do know the alphabet so that’s a start lol

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine



    yeah lol, if you were to choose any language to be instantly fluent in what would it be?

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Im not too, sure on that one lol.


    really? huh i would probably say mandarin or asl

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Lol I mean Asl would be cool or Japanese lol


    nice lol sooo you play bass clarinet right? how long have you been playing?

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    I’ve been playing bass clarinet since middle of 6th grade. so 3 years now almost

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