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    I have two songbooks with the song “Happy Together” by The Turtles, and they both list different chords, neither of which match the original song. I’ve been trying to figure out the correct chords myself, but I’m having a bit of difficulty. So far, it seems to me that the song actually starts with an A6 chord for the intro and stays on that chord for the first line, “Imagine me and you, and you and me…” at which point I believe it switches to an E, and then a D. Can anybody correct and or complete the chart for me?


    Well, I finally figured out how to find tabs beyond the “top 99”, and I found the chart I was looking for. It turns out I was correct about the beginning chords, only the chart listed the first chord as a Gbm where I had labeled it an A6. Since they both describe the exact same chord, I wonder if one label is technically more correct than the other in a chart? At any rate, the chord I couldn’t figure out on my own turned out to be a Db7. So thanks, UkeWorld.

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