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    I always wonder how many left- or right-handed ukulele players are out there. I myself am left-handed, but I play the ukulele right-handed. I don’t really know why other than that all the resources that I found at the time were made for right-handed ukulele playing. So on which side are you? And if you are playing the ukulele left-handed, how come? 🙂


    I’m right handed. My friend is a left handed player but can somewhat play with her right. I can’t imagine playing the ukulele with my left hand, that seems pretty hard haha 😀


    Proud but ‘damaged” Lefty!!

    I get SO mad seeing the vast number of right-handed stringed instruments and so precious few for us ‘south paws’.

    As a lefty who has had trouble his entire life finding left-handed stringed instruments.. If you do not already play an instrument and want to start with a Uke, learn to play right-handed. Your life will be so much easier in the long run. There are FAR more instruments and resources available for righties..


    Which ukulele are you currently playing? It looks like I’ve made a good choice learning to play right-handed 🙂


    I’ve got the Oscar Schmidt OU7T-LH. Good Lefties are difficult to find..


    I’m thinking of getting a second one so I can do a “Low-G” set-up.


    I personally play right-handed, and so does one of my friends (who’s actually a lefty). My other friend plays left handed (and is a lefty as well). Most of the people in my ukulele club at school play right-handed, though.


    So I have a little something new to add to the discussion. Take heart my fellow lefties!!

    I have been looking for another Uke to use as a Low-G set-up and in my travels I have found “Twisted Wood Guitars” in Canada. They have a handful of very beautiful models from Soprano to baritone.

    They are VERY lefty sensitive, the guy I’ve been talking to says the owner is a lefty. He plays lefty and has a lot of sympathy for “the cause”..

    Mine arrives Monday..


    I play a right handed ukulele left handed by turning everything upside down. I am known to be quite vexing.


    Been there, done that…after 30+ years of playing re-strung righties, you begin to get a little resentful though.

    Re-stringing Rights to left is pretty easy compared to say an acoustic guitar, since the internal bracing would essentially be the same for left or right.

    Uke is easier to play “backwards” though . I’ll be visiting with relatives and have held a right strung as a lefty and been able to play along as long as I can strum and they don’t go too fast.


    I strum with my right hand, but what determines it- your strumming hand, or the hand you use on the fretboard?


    Hey Jem,

    Yes, strumming hand. It’s kinda weird when you really think about it.

    The fret board work, I believe, really is the hardest part of any stringed instrument and on some level it would make sense that you would want your dominant had to do that.

    Keep on playing righty…you’ll find more and better instruments much more easily.



    haha! i play lefty. i use a right handed and flip it to the lefty way. its so weird, but tis really fun. people call me “jimmy hendrix”. i dont understand.


    I’m a lefty, but i naturally play right handed!

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