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    Greetings! My first post here. Came here with a question and I hope that you can help me to decide.
    Long story short. I’m an amateur guitarist who switched recently to learn ukulele, and after some considerations I decided to buy a solid tenor because I really like the sound (and, well, I chose tenor because I have chubby fingers for a women). I realize this is a really repetitive question for seasoned players, but could you please steer me to a quality instrument? After a short research I’m choosing between these options: Lanikai LM-T (tried it, played it for a while, the size is perfect but it seems to me that the sound is way too muffled), Kala KA-ZCT-T (as Kala have more interesting wood combination + I liked the sound better), and Islander MST-4 (sound is nice, though I hate the pin bridge with the metal rings).
    But any options, opinions and advices are welcome, since I’d like to get the instrument that offers me the “most potential”, that I could “grow into”. The perfect price would be just under 200-300$, still I guess it might be an overkill to start with a Hawaiian made uke.
    Another question is, maybe it might be reasonable to get a concert after all? The problem is that we don’t have any big shops near us, so I’m afraid that I won’t be able to try most of the options. So maybe someone can tell me if there’s a big difference between the concert and tenor uke?

    Hope I came to a right place. So thanks in advance.

    – JJ

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