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    So my C string has a buzzing problem on the 1st to about the fourth fret. My brother told me that it’s a dead fret or spot (or something like that). I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or if my uke is just messed up because it wasn’t always like this… What causes this? Can it even be fixed?

    k bye


    SO the buzzing has moved to the e string too so I might just have to get a new uke… I really don’t know what’s happening


    Hi Denisse! My apologies that I haven’t been active these past two days!

    Buzzing is one of the most annoying things there are, I’ve experienced it myself quite a lot. Because of this and because I’ve got a lot of questions about this in the past, I’ve written a guide about it over on UkuGuides:


    There I list a few steps you can take to solve the problem. Have you tried those?


    I had the same issue on the same sting and I found that tightening the screw around the pegs worked and got rid of the buzzing!

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