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    Yeah boi stay frosty milk tea

    Hey!! Welcome to the club! If you want to join, all ya gotta do is tell us 3 facts about yourself so we can get to know you, your name (or nickname) and your favorite songs and artists! I would love for you to join so we can talk ukulele, music, and support each other in any way!

    For me, here are 3 facts:
    I have been playing uke for a couple months now,
    I’m trying to learn piano/keyboard. (It’s going okay but im kinda trashy at it.)
    I live in Virginia!
    My fav artists & songs
    Ajr- Netflix trip, MCR (rip)- Helena, TØP- Isle of flightless birds, Arcade fire- Crown of Love (YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS ITS SO GOOD), and just Grandson in general.
    Anyways this was kinda long sorry
    Stay alive, peeps! -i forgot my username lol so yeah


    Hi! Three fact are I play multiple insturments but flute piano and ukulele are my favorites, I can sing, I love music that gives off a chill vibe mostly but I also listen to just about anything else too. My name is Baylee but you can call me Ali. Somw of my favorite bands are Twenty one pilots, Blackbear (not a band but whatever lol), and jon bellion (also not a band lol I know).

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