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    Here is a link that goes into the history of the Ukulele! – https://ukuguides.com/information/difference-between-ukulele-and-guitar/

    TL;DR : Reentrant tunings and strings have been used as long as there have been stringed instruments that were used to strum chords. This tuning system originated in Europe during the Renaissance era, circa 1600. Reentrant tuning was developed because strings for these instruments were made from sheep gut or cow gut. The size of the string could be changed only so much, so a string an octave up or down was used as the top or bottom string. The ukulele is a variation of the Portugese instrument, Machete, and came to the islands around 1880. So the ukulele descended from the barouqe guitar, and has Reentrant tuning (but nylon strings, noit cow-guts).

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