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    My name is Julia and im really (excuse my language) shit at ukelele. I started paying around 2 months ago and have no previous knowledge of how to play any instruments. I know pretty much all the chords. So the main problem is my strumming and my fingers.

    I have adhd and i enjoy singing so when i want to learn a new song i have a problem with the chord progression, strumming and singing all toghter. Halfway through learing the song i find another one and i learn it halfway through becuase i find another song i want to learn. Then i keep repeating this process a hundred more times (it’s pretty annoying).

    the next probem is my fingers my middle finger is leaning to the left instead of going straight and my pinkie is slightly the right. its not that much of a proble however, playing E chord is difficult as hell.

    I only have 2 questions

    1. should i just chop my hand off?
    2. Does anyone else in this community struggle with ADHD or ADD?

    PS if you dont know the meaing of ADHD or ADD heres a website were you can look into it if you want to. https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/topics/attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder-adhd/index.shtml

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