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    Hi my name is Charlyn, you say it like Charlene. I am 13 years old and I started playing ukulele early July. I found out about ukulele about a year and a half ago because my cousin’s cousin had a ukulele so I played and got my first ukulele in July. I love music I play violin and guitar. Twenty One Pilots is my favorite band, been in the clique since mid 2013. I saw them in concert on Aug.10th at MSG (Madison Square Garden). It was amazing! Anyway that’s a little about me.


    Your cousin’s cousin? Isn’t that your cousin as well? Or I might be confused 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your story! You play the violin as well? I’ve always wanted to learn how to play it, but never got to it unfortunately 🙁


    No it’s like my cousin’s cousin from her dad’s side, lol sorry it’s confusing

    Spoons McGee

    I’ve played since mid-May, I’m 14 now and I sure do love dank memes

    Spoons McGee

    I play Tuba, Trumpet, Baritone, Horn, Guitar and Bass and that is because I am trying to learn every instrument and I am an overachiever


    hallo, me name is Brynna, pronounced brin-uh (weird right) and I’m 14. I’ve been playing for a year in about a month! I play piano, flute, a little recorder, uke (duh), and in learning guitar. My fav bean is doddleoddle. either her or cisco Ramone from the flash. I have an addiction to that show haha. AAANYWAYS now that I have by nature rambled a bit, nice to meet you all.

    P.S. if you’re wondering why my grammar is so fancy its been edited, im not that put together irl


    Okay so hello humans, found this nice chat here due to the clique sign. I am a mysterious alien from jupiter.
    …just kidding I’m just a boring girl from Hawaii. So here’s the thing, you would think that everyone in Hawaii owns and plays an ukulele right? WRONG! Barely anyone I know owns an ukulele and can play it. Weird isn’t it. Well since I’m paler than a sheet of paper (long story short I don’t go outside)(everyone here is so tan it’s not even funny) and can’t surf to save my life, I decided to honor the culture to the best of my ability and pick up an ukulele! *applause* So I trek down into my spooky basement and pull out this cheap ukulele that was bought at an ABC Store. Gotta start from somewhere. I have been practicing on the cruddy uke (it doesn’t actually sound too bad if I’m being honest) for a good month or so and I really enjoy it. So I purchased myself a beautiful tenor ukulele for Christmas. Treat yoself. So here I am here’s my life story.
    Dodie Clark is my life and I am part of the Clique okay bye.


    Hi kaylor.lovett! 😀

    I always love it when people share their story, nice touch at the beginning with the alien thing ;-). There is indeed a big stereotype about Hawaiian people and ukulele, but I did not know it was this bad xD.

    What kind of tenor ukulele did you buy?


    dodie clark is my life as well haha

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