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    I cannot sing while playing, can anyone help me?? hahaha that shabby

    grace vanderwaal

    i cant either but my freind who play says pratice by start playing and when your ready sing


    I would say to not start singing until you’re very comfortable with the chords and strumming/finger picking. Once the song is in your muscle memory, it will be harder to play it wrong while singing.


    you should start humming while doing so, and just start singing, start with one strum, and transition into the next until you get the hang of it. then you can start strumming. hope this helps.


    My trick is to memorize the lyrics that way you have the timing of the song right.


    OMG I have this same problem. I just started out playing the rhythm then after a while I hummed it then stared singing.


    first off, it’s “advice” not advises. and second, start off by singing in your head


    I used to be like this too, my advice is to first master the ukulele, like you know all the chords to one song, then start to sing slowly. this helps me because when you already know the chords, you don’t need to look at your ukulele that long so you can just focus to your singing. (I hope this helps!)


    My own approach has always been to get my fingers in the right place, strum that chord ONCE and sing the words that chord covers, then as I get to the next chord, I stop singing, place fingers, strum ONCE and sing the words THAT chord covers. I work through a verse like that and keep working at it until I can switch to the next chord smoothly and I don’t have to stop singing. Sometimes I start working with the Chorus of the song first. The main thing is patience! And don’t work HOURS on the same section. That will get you frustrated quickly. I like to do just a little at a time and then work on another song for a while.

    Seems to have worked okay for me. I hope you can say it works for you! Best wishes.


    So basically what I did is start singing, but keep a strum pattern to a simple down strum. Once you do the sonf=g with just that, then complicate and develop a strum pattern as you get more experience.


    Thanks for the question. thanks for all the great advice and tips.


    I’m getting chords memorised reasonably well, but singing to strum patterns is another matter. I’ve read using a metronome is a big help, so Ive started doing that to get my strumming timing better. I have a pal who, when playing in a band gave up singing because he couldn’t master playing and singing, so, it’s not easy.


    Try to learn singing and playing ukulele separately. When learning to sing the song, try humming the melody using “ng” or “hmm” sound. You can hum to the original track (play the track on youtube and hum along to it). Then, speak the words of the song while prolonging the vowels of each word. You can also clap the melody while the track is playing. That way, you’ll learn the song in a deep way. When you sing the song this time, you’ll notice an improvement in your singing.


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