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    Josh? Tyler? JOSHLER DUNSIFF!!!

    who else ships Josh and Tyler? (but still ship Tyler and Jenna)

    joshler dunsiff

    omg yas! Joshler Dunsiff for life!!! 🙂

    joshler dunsiff

    Who doesnt


    i died i little when i saw that title thing. a story if i may,

    it all started when i realized my friends are hardcore emo, one asked me if i shipped joshler. i had only barely started listening to top a few weeks b4 and this was early blurry face era. (1st song i heard was tear in my heart, 2nd was stressed out.) i didn’t know much abt the band itself except that there were 2 ppl, a drummer and a singer etc. i knew there was a tyler and a josh but not rly which was which. and yknow how in stressed out ty sings abt his brother?? well i assumed josh was his brother. so when my friend asked if i shipped joshler i was like eew no incest wtf molly no u need to check urself that is mad wrong. and she was like,,, uh tirza what. and explained everything. but not that ty was married jeez molly c’mon.

    so uh joshler is kinda cute but. i can’t think of it the same. also ty and jenna are so adorable that idc anyway lol

    Lemony Snicket

    “It all started when I realized my friends are hardcore emo” is my new senior quote in the yearbook XD


    ^^^ me


    oml I forgot I even made this, sorry I haven’t even looked at this

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