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    Hello. I just started uke and I am working really hard. Does anyone know easy starter songs? I know G,C,Am, and F. Tried to play “I Don’t Know My Name” but the strumming is too hard. Help??


    For idkmn, I usually use the strumming pattern DDUDU (down down up down up)

    I believe Grace VanderWaal has a video teaching how to play i dont know my name so you should check that out!!


    you could really play any song you want with whatever strumming pattern you know, if you like them there are some really easy panic! at the disco songs that you can just transpose (which means to use the + and – at the top of the page) there are always helpful people in the comments who will say which one is the easiest

    i hope this helps,


    a natural strum is DDUUDU


    A really easy song is Riptide by Vance Joy. There is no set strumming pattern, but the chords are Am, G, C and F.


    I started playing Ukulele about a year and a half ago and 4 of the chords that i found easiest to start with were C AM G and F. The thing i love about these chords is the fact that you can use any strumming pattern your comfortable with and you can play them in any order, plus a lot of beginner songs use these chords.


    LunaUke……some good video’s on utube….one is look him up called Uncle Raggy….easy to follow….this post for everyone who can use it…..


    Don’t Stop Believing by Journey is a good song if you’re into that. It pretty much uses C, G, Am, & F all the way through (at least the way I learned it… idk).


    Hi I am new here too!

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