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    Hospital Bill

    Ref: How To Change Your Ukulele Strings

    I don’t get steps B)4. & B)5. from this page.

    How many times do you wrap the tail string around the tuning pin?
    I tried once above and 2 or 3 times below, but the string never got a “bite” on itself so as to get stuck and be tunable as I turned the pin. The strings just came loose after a certain level of tension.

    After several unsuccessful trials, I resorted to this:

    1. thread the string through the pin hole
    2. wrap each string once or twice around the pin
    3. thread the string back through the hole in the pin
    4. Start tightening the tuning pin

    Somehow, this technique made the string get a “bite” on itself so that I could actually move on with tuning.

    Question: Is my hack OK, or is this unorthodox wrap going to lead to trouble down the line? (no pun intended!)



    Hi Hospital Bill (nice name 🙂 ),

    I’m always by how creative people can be, your ‘hack’ is simply perfect. As long as you find a way to get it stuck around the tuning pin, it’s OK. Heck, you can even use superglue if that’s the only way it works for you (but it might not work with the amount of tension the string generates).

    Your hack is actually that good, that I might add it to the original UkuGuides, would you mind?

    If you want to do it the ‘right’ way, also called the ‘over-under’, I suggest this very thorough video of a shop that sells ukuleles: https://youtu.be/LwNDkh43oqc?t=3m20s . The part regarding the tuning pins starts around 3:20.

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