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    I have to say I had never heard of Twenty-One Pilots until I got here..

    My Favourites to play are substantially different from most of what I’ve read:

    Buoyancy, by John Frinzi
    A Pirate Looks at 40, by Jimmy Buffett
    Guy With a Guitar, by Mishka
    Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World, by Iz
    Wish You Were Here, by Pink Floyd


    I like playing Panic! At the Disco and Shawn Mendes :3


    I highly recommend doddleoddle (on youtube) other wise known as Dodie (Dorothy) Clark. She’s a musician that posts tonnes of ukulele covers and writes loads of original songs too. To be honest she’s that inspired me to pick up a uke and start playingā¯¤


    I don’t know why I do this but I sometimes attempt to learn edgy or hardcore songs on ukulele. I guess I do it to defy people’s expectations, but now my finger is in pain to the point it has a blister.

    Nate Jennings

    My favorites on Youtube are the ukulele teacher and Cynthia Lin. I like Cynthia because she has a lot of really good lessons and she breaks them down to where they are easy to understand. I like the ukulele teacher because he stays up to date and teaches songs that are popular presently.


    Something different… Master of Puppets – Metallica. It is a difficult song, but it’s different and fun. Go Metal!


    Does that work?


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