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    Hi all,

    I’m looking to buy a new ukelele and have decided on a tenor uke. I’m a fingerstyle guitar player and always use steel stringed guitars. I’m just wondering whether I should continue with this with my new uke? Or go for nylon strings? What are the pros or cons of steel string ukes?

    All advise gratefully received.



    Hi! I have written an article on UkuGuides about the types of strings and which are most frequently used on ukuleles. You can find it here: https://ukuguides.com/information/buying-the-right-ukulele-strings/

    Do you truly mean steel strings or wound metal strings? You need a very specifically constructed ukulele if you want to used steel strings. Wound metal strings are used sometimes on ukuleles, but for the “true” ukulele sound I’d go with nylon (Aquila) strings.


    Thanks Jonas.

    Yeah I meant wound metal strings for the bass strings. I’ve also discovered that some ukes have a high G as the forth string and some a low G.

    Looks like lots of experimentation and learning ahead. Cool.

    Thanks again.

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