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    ukulele time

    Hi! I’m Jilian and I would really like to join.

    1. You guys can call me Jills or Jillian, I don’t really care
    2. I have been playing ukulele for almost 2 years (my grandad gave one to me when I was, like, 4 but I was not really interested in it)
    3. My top three songs are Symphony by Clean Bandit, So much more than this by Grace VanderWaal and last but not least, Thunder by Imagine Dragons.

    – Jillian/Jills

    Lemony Snicket

    Thank you so much for joining and I’m sorry I took a while to respond. If you want to post a private (or public) video on youtube of you playing or something on another site so we could communicate and hear you play something that would be awesome! I will get back to you soon

    Thanks! 😀


    1) Call me Archie or Pretty Sleeper… I don’t really care which one
    2) Picked up the uke over the summer so, about 5-6 months
    3) Favorite artists are twenty-one pilots and David Archuleta. Favorite song is probably Oh Ms Believer by TOP.

    Lemony Snicket

    I am extremely sorry for taking so long to post but I am hoping (if everyone is cool with it) to start the club back up again? I really want to de-stress and play music with a group of people that share my music taste and now I have a few minutes of free time to mess around (yay!) Anyways, welcome to the club, we (mainly I’m because I haven’t heard from anyone else in over a month) are really excited to have you.


    What can i use instead of Dm guys


    can i join you people


    1) D.J.
    2) Forever
    3) guess.
    thanks i guess.

    Jazzlyn Sutherland

    Hi, I would like to join

    You can call me Jazz or gloom
    I have been playing a little over a month
    My favorite bands/artists are twenty one pilots, panic at the disco, fall out boy
    My favorite song to play is ruby by twenty one pilots


    1) you can just call me Nora
    2) ive been playing about 2 months
    3) i love P!ATD and TOP and my favorite song is house of gold!

    stay frosty

    1) Henlo, I’m Kai
    2) About a year or two
    3) I like P!ATD, FOB, and Coldplay, and my favorite uke song at the moment is Say Amen (Saturday Night) by Panic! at the Disco 🙂


    1.) hi! I’m Megan!
    2.) I love Twenty One Pilots and Panic! At The Disco
    3.) I’m not emo lmao
    4.) I’ve been playing for like 2 months
    5.) Follow my instagrams: @music.boii (music) and @brendxn.urie._ (fanpage)

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