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    I can’t believe how popular Twenty One Pilots are. They currently have 18 songs in the top 99 and 5 songs in the top 10 on UkuTabs. To be completely honest with you guys, I did know of them until I got a ton of requests to put their songs on UkuTabs, but I’m a fan! Do any of you guys share the same story or do you already know the Twenty One Pilots for years?


    Honestly, I like to discover new music via Spotify, so I found them by looking at related artists to some of the bands I like and they (partially) were what inspired me to pick up the ukulele.


    I started to listen to them a couple days after Vessel came out (Jan of 2013), and only recently (I say recently, but I mean almost 11 months ago now) picked up ukulele. … partly because of them. They’ve grown extremely popular over the past almost 4 years that I’ve been listening to them. Anyway, they’re a great band and I’m proud of how far they’ve come.


    I’ll admit I was one of those people who got into them from songs on the radio, but I’ve listened to all their songs and they’re the only music I’ll listen to! I also play all of their songs that I can on uke and I really enjoy them.



    Twenty One Pilots


    That pic is the cutest thing. Anyway, I was part of their fanbase before they became this mega famous band, but not much before. I Only became a fan late 2015/early 2016 (so after Blurryface came out)


    They are indeed extremely famous now :p


    I love them so much! I first found them out when Stressed Out was released. It wasn’t on the radio and I was walking with my friend. She started playing the song and I loved it! I went home and checked out their music and I’ve been a fan ever since!


    I love Twenty One Pilots. Their lyrics say the things that we all think at one point but never want to say. We have all thought about how life was better when we were young, but now we’re stressed out. We also know what its like when you are trapped in your own head, with no distraction just like when you have no car radio. I’ve really enjoyed playing some of there songs on the Uke.


    Ohh man. Don’t mention twenty one pilots around me. Or fall out boy, or panic at the disco, my chemical romance…
    Yeah so funny story I was recently in a talent show at my church and I had a lot of fun playing one of their songs, we don’t believe what’s on tv. I didn’t win, but a lot of people said I should have. Ukulele is my second instrument (my first is percussion) and I was inspired to get one because of twenty one pilots. Now here I am, learning bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and possibly piano…


    same. I saw them live in the ally pally last year and it was beautiful. I discovered them in like 2013 or something when vessel came out. I listened to guns for hands and fell in love with them. since then I have been so obsessed. I was also inspired to get a ukulele to play the judge XD. its rather relaxing to me to listen to the song and play and sing along. what’s some of you guy’s fave TØP songs/albums? |-/


    its very true.TOP is getting more and more praise for their amazing music! Its not rap, Its not hip-hop, its just another attempt to make the voices stop!


    I’d heard of Twenty One Pilots before, but I didn’t really listen to them until my friend came and stayed with me for a while last summer. She’s a huge fan and now I love hearing them because it takes me back to that great summer we had blaring their music and singing along off key on a road trip we took. Because of that I think me favorite song by them will always be Ride, but I’m really loving Heathens too.


    I love them so much. Their sound is so unique and different. I first heard of them when blurryface came out and have been a fan since.


    They’re currently my favorite band! They are extremely famous and popular, yes, but I think they’re still very unique! I’ve been a fan since about July/August 2016 and my favorite song would probably be Trapdoor.


    I know….they’re so popular now I don’t even know what to do with myself….it feels like a part of me got taken, and they’ll never be this close, intimate band that’s so close to all their fans anymore…but then I think again, and I realize that this is Tyler and Josh I’m talking about, they’ll stay true to their roots. But I picked up ukulele because of them, and I’m very proud of them!


    My sister is one of their biggest fans she loves them, she plays their music 24/7. So now I LOVE them!!!
    (oh and iv’e known them for like a year or two now) The first song I heard was car radio I believe. 🙂


    <a href="http://original.png (606×599)” />


    Me and meh sister were fans before vessel 🙂


    I found the best thing!!! mcr and top? MTAR!!! 🙂

    my_chemical_pilots_by_poweredbycokezero-d96sj6s.png (1024×1024)

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