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    some of my jams on the uke:

    -all i want for christmas is you//mariah carey
    -the judge//twenty one pilots
    -ruby//twenty one pilots
    -cant help falling in love//twenty one pilots
    -somebody else//the 1975

    but i need more love songs if anyone has suggestions!!!!


    You should learn Fairytail of New York by The Pogues. – I mean, that’s sort of a love song! I think it’s fun to play either way :))


    okay try:
    Lay Me Down by Dirty Heads
    Renegades by X Ambassadors
    Also try Blink 182 songs cause they sound totally different on a uke but they’re chill


    Haha, love your title xD Didn’t know what to expect.


    Flume by Bon Iver and Spirits by the Strumbellas are really pretty on the ukulele!


    so i got a uke for christmas and these are the songs i’ve been practicing so far:

    march to the sea – twenty one pilots
    riptide – vance joy
    someone to lava – idk its from the bit at the start of inside out


    I is practicing screen

    attempting house of gold (but it ain’t goin well)

    both by twenty one pilots


    try like anything by mcr

    joshler dunsiff


    who’s mcr?


    MCR is My Chemical Romance. It’s an emo rock band, they’re awesome


    Try Shawn Mendes, he has a lot of love songs that sound beautiful on Uke


    The name looks awesome in the fancy font, you should try I don’t love you by My Chemical Romance. They are Frickin awesome.


    Ukuleles aren’t just frickin punk, they’re also sick as frick.


    I named my first ukulele Gerard Way and my new, better one Brendon Urie.


    me: UKULELES ARE PUNK ROCK le sister: what is punk rock


    No, all of you are incorrect. They are not “frickin’ punk”, OR “Punk Rock”. The correct term is Ukulele Screamo. XD


    ukulele’s are frickin punk

    has anyone mastered the ultimate boss taxi cab (in its normal form)?
    power to the local dreamer ||-//


    Has anyone else realized how many people on here are TØP obessed? Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing. I guess playing ukes really ups your cool status.😉

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