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    Hey All! So I currently own a Flea Saprano uke (which is my first uke) but I’m thinking about getting a concert or tenor uke because the soprano can feel a little cramped. Any recommendations as to which size? I’m a relatively small person- I’m only 5’3″ if that helps? I’m looking to the Ka-CE or Ka-TE but I’m open to other suggestions!


    Hi, I understand what your saying about being on the small side (im just 5’1″) and I currently own a KA-ktge-c and i love it. Its a little big but there is a concert version too ! I would also recommend a luna high tide which ive had before and i loved it to bits. If you do decide on a tenor model I recommend a strap because it is a little on the large size. I dont know if you’ve already gotten the uke or not but I hope that I helped !


    I bought a concert uke to start with
    Due to the size.
    I have just bought a baritone and love that as well.
    I suggest you go to your local store and
    Line up a few and have a play to see which suits you best. S


    Mine is a Spalted Mango TU-C concert uke by Lanikai. Very good intonation all the way up the neck. I can’t say how it compares sound-wise to other wood but I think a lot can be done by experimenting with strings to achieve brighter or warmer tone. I will say Lanikai has a US support contract and their support could be much better than it is. I was looking for information about installing a pickup and endpins for a strap and they had no information or manufacturer recommendations other than finding a luthier and that any changes would void a warranty. Since Lanikai won’t do post-sale modifications this means you can’t purchase modifications without affecting the warranty. Still, I would put my investment into the instrument itself and the SMTU-C is an excellent choice, that also comes in a tenor version. I would check Musician’s Friend or Sweetwater as they seemed to have the best pricing.


    Here is a site that might help you too see all aspects to help you choose!


    I saw a really cute uke in the music shop near my house, it was a cherry sunburst les paul so ye should get that


    Don’t judge a uke on how you think it looks, DEFINITELY DO NOT buy one online… go to a music store and find one that is comfortable to you.


    Also, if you are 5’3″, you probably want to go with a concert uke. When I was 12 or so I had a tenor and that thing was really hard to play. A few years ago, I got a concert, and to me, it was perfect: just between the size of the tenor and the soprano.


    For your size, concert should be good….and you can get waht’s called a “long neck” which has a “less cramped” fret board.

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