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    So I have had problems holding my uke so that it stays in my hands and doesn’t start to slide. I would love to put a strap on it and have one that requires a strap pin. I was thinking of getting a fitter piece on the handle, but to get it on a body I would have to put the pin on my beautiful instrument. I have the Luna High Tide series concert ukulele and since it is also electric, I am not sure if the bottom can actually tolerate a screw pin, or if it is smart to do it at all, since I can’t see where the electric cords and other elements are. Or if it just is a no-no to make a hole into your pretty instrument.
    Are there different types of pins, other less “invasive” or considered better than others? The pins I ordered from Amazon are huge, really long and the pin itself is big… I wouldn’t want to put anything that big on my uke. But since I am a beginner and learning on my own, I have no idea what is the right thing to do. Help!

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    I’m still new to the uku but I say not to do it cuz if you don’t like it you just ruined ur uku

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    I am more worried right now about actually having enough structure to do it rather than just liking it, I know I would use it, but I need to find different pins, the ones I got were huge and I do not think they would be appropriate for a uke. But if I used the ones I have right now, yeah, I would not like it. 😀 And I feel my uke would be ruined.

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    Saw on ebay some straps for this may be some use to you.
    Search ukulele straps

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    not sure how much use these are for an electric uku

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    I do have couple straps. One that is hanging just from neck, (came with my soprano) and the other one that needs pins. I wanted to get something that will let you have your hands free, but the pin ones are the only ones I liked. My uke is both acoustic and electric. I only have played acoustic.

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    I don’t care for the ukulele leash, but might have to check on the UkeLoop. Thanks for the suggestion.

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