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~Tuesday 13th of April 2021~

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The place to be for all your ukulele needs Forums I’m new here! another gay just trying her best!

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    hello! i got my ukulele like six years ago for my birthday and couldn’t figure out how to tune it. so i was really bored during quarantine (i hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!!) and decided to try again and it worked!!! 😮 I’m really bad at strumming, i can’t seem to figure it out, like the rhythmic part, i can do the physical act, but I’m trying! and it’s fun, so there’s that! hope everyone is well! i need some music friends!

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    aYy me too!1 try your hardest, sure youll get the hang of it soon 🙂

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    im also gay ybkess ia shri== YIEKS i canrt type exxcuce mme thank

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    Lol, me too!! I remembered I had this Ukelele since grade school (Im a freshmen now) and so I figured I could start playing again (Also gay and bored)

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    I am also a bored gay. I’m SOOOOOOO bad at strumming! It’s so hard! Hope y’all are safe too.

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    I’m Seeing a trend on here. I’m glad there are so many gays here. for I am a Non Binary Gay looking for fellow Gay ukulele peeps. I’ve been playing for two years now and have successfully taught /Inspired many people to pick-up / Learn/ Play the ukulele. If anyone needs help. I’m here Queer and Ready to help.
    ~ Rai of Musical Sunshine

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    This entire “I’m new here” thread is full of fellow LGBTQ+ peeps and i’m loving it. This covid-19 thing is getting old it’s one thing to not want to leave your house and be anti-social but now its getting reaaaaally boring being forced to. So I got a uke a while back and was like eyyyyyyyyy why not play again so here i am! I am a bi (mostly gay) peep who is just bored out of their mind. I hope everyone stays safe and stays happy! its a hard time for all of us but we’ve got to stick together as a human race. Love y’all and best wishes — BJ

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    I can see the start of a reallyyy cool friend group starting here. I’m also gay, and just chilling with a ukulele. 😀

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    kay… I agree with you BJ. also I’m a young gay person who plays uke and does a little bit of art. pronouns are she/they. (i think). I’m pretty sure people have already claimed it, but trying to find out your sexuality and/or gender is FREAKING HARD!!!!!

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    hey guys.. this is kinda scary cause idk how to talk to ppl and i feel like i’m intruding or something, but y’all seem pretty friendly. but anyways, i haven’t been using my ukulele a lot, but i’m trying to get back in the habit cause it kinda calms me down i guess. umm i’m starting my freshman year of high school this year, which is gonna be scary cause i won’t have any friends at the school i’m going to. also, my pronouns are she/her.

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    Im Rai. Pronouns are They/Them
    and yeah we welcome you with open arms. I understand and same thing for me. My ukulele/ music in general calms me down. Its a great way to cope with stress. I wish you luck with being a freshman.
    Im here if ya wanna talk. Hope you have a good day!

    ~ Rai

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    thank you ? i really appreciate it

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    No problem.
    Just Think of me as your Friendly Neighborhood Captain Pride.
    So How are you doing?

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    ? okay. and i’m doing pretty good, hbu?

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    I’m doing good.
    Today I’m dying my hair Blue for the first time ever. so I’m excited.

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    ooh! that’s cool, i’ve wanted to dye my hair for a long time, but my parents would never let me. but if i ever could, i think maybe i’d try pink but idk ?‍♀️

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    sweet my hair is washing out mow from when it was blue.
    its kinda a gross green now, but im redying it magenta soon, so that’ll be great.
    i bet youll look amazing once its done!

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    Yee. thank you and cool

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    yee blue is cool B)

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    purple is fun too…. i had that when my hair was in a pixie cut
    i miss that now that i mention it lol
    i used to have red, orange, and yellow mixed last year and that was wicked.
    anyway, i hope you like it.

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    hi uh so my name is gray and im a smol bean im only going to seventh grade oof ive been playing uke since january and all of you seem so super nice so i guess ill come out and say that i use they/them pronouns im kind of struggling to come out irl so yea thats a mega oof but i hope all of you are having a good day/night 🙂

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    hi gray, i hope you, too are having a good day/night.

    you seem super nice too.
    Im Maple! She/her pronouns.

    in terms of coming out, dont put too much pressure on yourself. go at your own pace!
    just be yourself, and take your time if you need to.

    Im going to grade 10, but i have younger friends quite often, considering im kinda young for my age, so i think we’ll get along well. that is, if you want to be friends.

    if you have instagram, let me know your handle if you want to communicate further.

    have a great day, gray! (i love ur name btw)
    -Maple <3

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    Welcome Gray,
    My names is Rai, and I use They/Them Pronouns too.
    Call me Captain Pride. If you wanna.
    If you wanna talk more at first on here is cool. and then same here with the insta. if ya wanna talk more.
    Hope you’re having a good day!

    ~ Rai

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    aw thank you so much!!! <3 i dont really have any social media tho :/

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    Excuse me, Captain Pride,
    but may i ask your Insta handle? you just seem like a really nice/fun person
    that i want to get to know better. and im considering creating a uke insta groupchat.

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