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~Tuesday 13th of April 2021~

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The place to be for all your ukulele needs Forums I’m new here! ANOTHER gay, that enjoys talking to other gays.

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    Oooooo Ultimately by khai dreams. I don’t know if they have it on here tho

    #19222 Reply

    Its cool I think they do lol I learned it a while back

    #19223 Reply

    Yeah i just checked. I love that song!!!

    #19224 Reply

    Same here. So what y’all up to?

    #19225 Reply

    oh nothing much. I’m probably gonna grab some lunch pretty soon.

    #19226 Reply

    Nice. Im bored but supposed to be doing Physics stuff. lol gtg for now

    #19227 Reply

    Im back. for a little while. let me know when y’all get back lol

    #19228 Reply

    I’m back lol

    #19229 Reply

    Coolio. So Random question What song have you been learning/ practicing lately?

    #19230 Reply

    Idk I tend to just play songs and if I play them a lot I just start remembering chords.

    #19231 Reply

    Lol noice. tbh same. sometimes I look for new stuff to learn/ play and if it sounds good and the chords aren’t too difficult lol

    #19232 Reply

    Yeah lol.

    #19233 Reply

    So is there anything you wanna know bout me? Im not gonna share anything that I think would be too personal lol but anything ya wanna know bout me?

    #19234 Reply

    Hmmmmmmm do you watch the office?

    #19235 Reply

    No I dont. sorry lol

    #19236 Reply

    damn. too bad. its a really funny show.

    #19237 Reply

    I have heard alot about it lol. I have lots of shows that I need to Finnish lol. it mostly consists of anime. Right now, Im un the middle of My Hero Academia/ Boku No Hero Academia. Its awesome if you like anime lol

    #19238 Reply

    Yeah I’ve heard of those. I can vibe with some anime but I like other shows a lil more.

    #19239 Reply

    Noice. yeah Ima weeb. My favorite anime is Yuri!! On Ice. but yeah. I’ve watched many anime’s lol

    #19240 Reply

    Hey sorry I’m back now, I had to finish up a project and clean up and now i’m in between classes SO HI! I watch the Office and My hero Acedamia. Any other animes you would recomend Rai? And lol imgay7 (idk what i should call you) what are your top 3 shows at the moments?

    #19241 Reply

    Its all good.
    Um I recommend Yuri!! On Ice and Your Lie In April, lol
    My top shows are Yuri!! On Ice, My Hero Academia and I cant think of a third.
    ~ Rai

    #19242 Reply

    Nice lol, quick question what time is it where you are i know its random bu im lookin at the time stamp on these messages and it says May 21, 2020 at 19:14 which would be 7:14 at night but where i am its only noon

    #19243 Reply

    lol Rn its 10:36am for me
    I have been wanting to ask that but not sound weird lol. What time is it for you?

    #19244 Reply

    12:38 pm i just got done w/ lunch

    #19245 Reply

    Nice. your about 2-3 hours time difference from me lol. cool

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