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~Tuesday 13th of April 2021~

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The place to be for all your ukulele needs Forums I’m new here! ANOTHER gay, that enjoys talking to other gays.

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    I understand. yeah. Thats good you love playing the sax and Electric guitar. My parents are sometimes on my back telling me I need to practice my bass clarinet everyday. and lately I’ve been very unmotivated to play it. but my parents try to force me to by saying if I dont then they will return it. I dont want that because I love being in band. lol

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    aw im sorry, that kinda sucks. and i get that. hopefully they won’t

    #19335 Reply

    Its all good tho. Anyways, how are you doing?

    #19336 Reply

    I’m pretty decent I’m in physics doing a online lab (how about you?)

    #19337 Reply

    lol today I have a physics meeting with my teacher because I’m having a hard time with some of the work. but Im doing good.

    #19338 Reply

    SAME!! but yeah cool

    #19339 Reply

    Lol yeah, Im also listening to music while I work on stuff for ASL

    #19340 Reply

    Nice!! I’m in english now and talking w/ my bsf

    #19341 Reply

    Lol coolio. In English this week is just a catch up week for us. And Im mostly caught up. yay

    #19342 Reply

    lucky lol, we’re doing debates and rubuttles

    #19343 Reply

    Pat pat. but I have lots of other things in my other classes that I need to do but havent done yet lol

    #19344 Reply

    same lol this online thing kinda sucks

    #19345 Reply

    I know, like Yeah Im doing well in my classes but I’m not able to see my friends/people I care bout, and I cant help them when they need it. I was on a video call one day with my friend, helping her out on physics because I’ve been doing great in physics before but the past 3 weeks have been rough. anyways, and she usually asks to borrow a pencil lol and she almost asked me over the call and we had a good laugh. lol but I cant even let people borrow a pencil lol ugh

    #19346 Reply

    aw, i get that. tbh the only reason i really wanted to go to school was to hang out w/ my friends and joke around sure i was the “smart” kid but i never really cared enough about school itself to keep me motivated through this virtual school program. I have so many late and missing assignments its ridiculous. but yeah i used to have zzoom calls w/ my old friends those were fun expecially when this quarentine really got me down

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    Yeah, Same here. I understand that.

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    yeah exactly – so quick random question that’s gonna sound weird but: have you ever talked to or dated a person called Skyler

    #19349 Reply

    I know a skyler but I’ve never dated one lol why?

    #19350 Reply

    because there is the person who i used to be friends with and they used to always talk about this person who was friends with them online: non-binary called rai who loves anime and animal crossing – so i was just wondering, sorry lol

    #19351 Reply

    Are you sure they spell it Rai? and its all good dont be sorry

    #19352 Reply

    Yeah they do, its strange. BUT ANYWAYS how are you

    #19353 Reply

    lol weird. Im doing good. wbu?

    #19356 Reply

    Im bored and cant sleep. Is anyone up rn?

    #19357 Reply

    I’m up now lol – whats up

    #19360 Reply

    Lol nothing much. I just was up and couldent sleep then I fianlly got some sleep and missed the first 15 mins of my meeting for band but its ok

    #19361 Reply

    ooooo thats not good, but its okay. how was the rest of band then?

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