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    Hello, peoples! I love love love love love love LOVE Harry Potter and I feel like I am the only one. Well my dad loves it but he keeps taking the book I am reading and not letting me touch it.??? So, anyone else want to join??? Plz!?

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    Just joined love harry potter. ever read Percy Jackson?

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    I looooovvvvveeee Harry Potter. I’m a Hufflepuff through and through. What’s your guys’ house?

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    Me too! Percy Jackson and Harry Potter are like 2 of the best series ever!

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    Hi I am a huge Potterhead!!! I’m a Slytherin, my wand is 11 in. Mahogany, Phoenix Feather core. My Patronus is a Herring, and (don’t hate me for this) my favorite character is Draco. I’m totally willing to argue about which house is best and share and listen to theories.

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    I’m a Slytherin, and I know everyone is like, “Oh wow you’re a Slytherin, isn’t that like the evil house or something?” Well sure we housed the evilest wizard of all time (Voldemort) but we also housed the greatest, (Merlin)

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    HARRY POTTER IS THE BEST THING EVER!!! I’m half Ravenclaw, half Griffendor. I also looooove Percy Jackson, and Hunger Games is awesome to. Definitely those 2 are the best?

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    Cresent moon27

    I LOOOOVE Harry Potter!!! I’m a ravenclaw through and through. And, i LOOOOOOOOVVEEE percy jackson so much! I go to camp Jupiter. Roman!

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    I’m such a huge Potterhead!!! I’m Hufflepuff, and my fave book is Goblet of Fire. What about you guys?

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    Absolutely a Potterhead!! I’m a Griffindor. Fav character is Molly Weasley (but I also really like Draco). My Patronus is a red fox!

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    Omg I’m on the 6th book and so far the series is AMAZING!!! I’m a hufflepuff and my patronus is some type of small monkey (not sure which type tho) ?. Anybody else think Ginny is, like, the best character of all time!

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    My patronus is an orca whale. My fav book is definetly The Chamber of Secrets.

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    I love Harry Potter. I am a ravenclaw, what about you guys?

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