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~Tuesday 27th of July 2021~

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    just wanted to create a chat for T-swift lovers (no pun intended) because as I was going through the chats I couldn’t find one for Taylor Swift, so I took matters into my own hands. On this chat we can just talk about everything Taylor Swift with people who actually care and don’t think we’re obsessive.




    Me too. I have since I was very young. Thank you! very mush appreciated.


    I loved her when she came out with her first song!!!! I remeber my mom took me to one of her concerts when she sang country, but before she got too popular.


    Taylor Swift is awesome! She’s been one of my favorite singers since I was seven.


    HI! I TOTALY LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT! i know all of her songs and im learning as many as i can on the ukulele using this whebsite! i knoww all her songs AND all the lerics to almost all of them. so my guess is in thsi chat, there are alot of SWIFTYS! anywase, how is every one, also dong juge i suck at spelling.

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