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~Tuesday 27th of July 2021~

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    Hi I’m new and totally horrible at ukulele and I hope I’m not the only one haha so I wanna spend my time on here talking about random stuff


    Hi, im also really bad at ukulele. I only started 2 months ago and i have ADHD so i find it a lot harder to concentrate.

    ps: im 12 (if you were wondering)

    pss: what are your fav songs/bands?


    would 13 work? ps I got ADD


    Hi I have nothing to do because coronacation so I will talk about the randomest crap anyone can think of


    Hi, Im stuck inside and 12 , so Im happy to chat about stuff people wanna chat about.

    For the chords just go through them slowly and look at the tabs


    Hello, I’m 12, almost 13. I’ve been playing for about 8 months or something and still can’t play. :p


    Im Rai(Ray)
    Im pretty good a chords, still learning, but if y’all need help. Im willing to help. been playing ukulele for about 1-2 years now lol
    I also have ADD and Anxiety, so Ukulele/music helps me with those. Let me know if y’all wanna talk.
    Have a great day,
    ~ Musical Rai of Sunshine



    im Maple
    im 14
    im fairly new to ukulele and i love Marianas Trench
    i dont have add or anything that i know of but i wouldnt be surprised lol
    if ur having trouble, just keep on trying! it may sound corny or whatever but keep it up! youll get there!!

    have a good day!


    Hahahahahahah I can barely do any chords… but i can do some simple songs. I am getting better though and I am starting to do more advanced chords (advanced as in 3 fingered chords lol not really ‘advanced’ because they sound like dying cats…. so ye… and actual ‘advanced’ people have wayyyy cooler chords and songs)


    Just Keep Practicing is my motto

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