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~Monday 26th of July 2021~

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    Started by:Jellyfish


    Heeeeeyyyyyyyy frens what’s up? 🙂


    hi frennn


    Boredom that is ?… jk, question though, what is your fav hobby? Mine is reading if you are a stocker and were wanting to know…


    My hobbies are music, drawing, having no friends (lol jk) and obviously playing the uke


    Hmm what kind of drawing Sarah? I’m horrible at drawing but I several friends who are OBSESSED with manga. While you are answering that question I have another… What state (if you live in the USA) or what country? I live in California.


    I started out with manga/anime back in the day but now I draw in a cartoony sort of style. I tried to upload a picture but it didn’t work, sorry. Also I live in the U.S. Question for you, what are your favorite bands/singers or music groups in general?


    i’m not telling any of my personal info btw my fave hobby is hanging with friends singing random songs


    Yeah same I don’t want to tell any either


    Ok I understand so my fav singer is Haliee Stienfield, Train, and Shawn Mendes. How about you guys? Who or what bands are on the top of your list? Btw if you have never heard of any of these ppl I would be disappointed! I suggest that you search them up on YouTube or Spotify.


    I haven’t heard of Haliee Steinfeld, but I’ll look her up. I like Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, Twenty One Pilots, and Fall Out Boy (I’m seeing them in concert soon aAAaaa), among others. Typical emo bands, I know. I’m sure you have heard of them, but if you haven’t, I can recommend songs.


    Oh I know who she is now but I just didn’t know her name. She’s a pretty good singer


    bros i love qavou


    Who is that? Sorry if I sound stupid


    he was one of the rappers in the song im the one and dont worry u dont sound stupid


    I know who everyone you guys just mentioned except at the disco I’m gonna search him/her/them up… any songs that you can recommend cause I stay in my own bubble of songs that I play, I’d like to know new songs by different peeps


    hi guys its my birthday next thursday


    then bass boosted trap queen best song ever


    1. aaaa happy birthday!!!
    2. Panic! songs that you should look up
    Death of a Bachelor
    House of Memories
    This Is Gospel
    They have older music but those newer ones are a good first impression
    3. If you guys have any song recommendations for me I would like to listen to them


    Hi there. I don’t know what I’m doing here (Or with my life but that’s another topic) I’m lonely and emo. Looking for some people to talk to.


    hi welcome to the loner party btw idk wt im doing with my life either


    Oh hey frennnn


    hey bro


    the timing on this is wrong


    Yeah the timestamps are really confusing for me its p.m. right now but it says a.m.

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