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~Tuesday 27th of July 2021~

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    hi is anyone still here?


    its your girl Maple here rn
    im a lil hyper idk why
    im gonna go do my driving test later (for my learners)
    bc i finally turned 15 last week so happy bday to me
    school starts tomorrow (ewwwww) any other high school sophomores around?
    she/her pleas and thanks <3

    catcha laterrrr


    That’s so cool. Good luck.
    School starts today for me. so same in that sense. but at least I can talk to people I haven’t talked to for a while.
    ~ Rai


    honestly, same. i really miss everyone at school tbh
    there are, however some people that i really DONT miss, but ill get over it
    good luck to you too!
    p.s. i have less sugar in my system today so im a bit more coherent lol


    Pat pat lol. Today was a bit stressful. But Im getting over it and thru it. and much better than before. Same here about missing and not missing certain people. Hope y’all have a great week.
    ~ Rai


    i wish i knew who you peeps where but oh well uke is awesome


    Halo peeps what is up




    im so freaking lonely i wish i had a gf but the uke still helps lol


    hey maple im 15 think it is really cool that you are starting to drive good luck and ig we are in the same boat sort of im trying to get a job and you are trying to get a license to drive but anyway wish you the best of luck


    hey rai i can be a uke friend -Gorilla


    Coolio. How are you doing?
    (btw I go by they them pronouns)


    also lol Im bored outta my mind rn.


    same i did some elephants toothpaste and well it went really sad i was expecting something more extreme but it was not


    lol ooof. yeah. also what name would you like to be called and what are you pronouns? if you don’t mind me asking

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