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~Tuesday 27th of July 2021~

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The place to be for all your ukulele needs Forums General Discussion Does anyone here know who Cavetown is? I want to find some fellow fans XD

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    Hi… I really like the artist Cavetown! If you happen to like his music too, comment down below so we can have a lil conversation! If not, you should definitely go check his music out, because it’s amazing. Anyways, have a great day!


    WOW, I just looked him up and I am in Love!!! He’s amazing!


    He really is <333 He has a YouTube channel too! I’m really happy because they just added one of his songs, Green, to this website and it’s one of my favorites!


    omgosh YASSSS


    yESSSS cavetown is pretty neat burrito


    OMG YES I love him!!!


    Yes he is <3 he’s such a lil bean


    So glad to finally find some Cavetown fans here XD


    YO! Cavetownnnn, yes.


    yee! I love Cavetown <333


    It’s actually pretty easy being nice to a bitter boy like him.


    I agree. Even though there is no talking dog up here… I’ll make cereal in the morning if the sky isn’t burning down ?? don’t eat rocks, children, they destroy ur molars (unless you hug all ur friends, including jack)

    *sigh* why am I such trash for cavetown?


    lol that was beautiful


    YAYAYAYAYAYAY MORE CAVETOWN FANS! lol Im like 2 years late lol


    Bro!!!! I Love Cavetown! Green is my ringtone!!


    YAY Thats Awesome


    OMg yeesssssssss i absolutly love their stuff!!!!!!!



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