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~Tuesday 13th of April 2021~

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    nobody cares

    yo whatup dawgs! this corona virus be smelling like yo sister

    #19837 Reply
    nobody cares

    oop meant sitter, as in baby sitter

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    nobody cares


    #19852 Reply

    Nothing much other than the fact that I BURNED MY NOODLES!!!! LIKE HOW IN THE HECK DO YOU BURN NOODLES!@#$%


    #19854 Reply
    nobody cares

    `You burned your noodles, omg I am rofl. dude that is dope. once I overheated a single pepper string thing and I had to put it in the freezer.

    #19856 Reply

    im sad… i wanted noodles doode…

    #19857 Reply
    nobody cares

    lol! now I want noodles. LMAO
    dude, im 15 and just started 10th grade, and it is tough

    #19858 Reply


    and im 15 too, is there any chance that you play Playstation…?

    #19860 Reply
    nobody cares

    i have nintendo switch… i have an account its, Topwolf813, i think its either Topwolfff813 or Topwolf81333 and you are right…its not funny, its hilarious. 😉

    #19862 Reply
    nobody cares

    u there luv?

    #19867 Reply

    NO ITS NOTTT!!! I JUST WANTED TO WATCH HXH AND EAT MY NOODLESSS BUT NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! and yeah, sorry I was ranting to someone.

    AHHH it keeps saying “Slow down; you move too fast.”

    and now my computers 4%

    #19868 Reply
    nobody cares

    yeah, it says that shit to me too

    #19869 Reply

    Nintendo. huh? So… what games do you play? maybe we could play one together sometime?

    #19870 Reply
    nobody cares

    OF COURSE luv, i play fortnite.

    #19871 Reply


    Okay, we can play… tomorrow night? or Thursday? (sorry, I don’t have many friends)

    my user on Fortnite is Oggie_Boogie1416 I think, Ill have to check because I haven’t played that since my brother actually liked me lol

    #19872 Reply
    nobody cares

    okay, how about tomorrow night??

    #19873 Reply


    sorry sorry sorry, I seem pushy… its okay if you don’t want to…

    #19874 Reply
    nobody cares

    `Dont be sorry luv, im excited! WAHOOOO LOL. 😉 and no worries, i like pushy

    #19875 Reply

    Also, what are your pronouns…?

    and are you from the UK or somewhere other than America lol, you say luv so I kinda assumed…

    #19876 Reply
    nobody cares

    i dont have ay pronouns,but you can call me sophie. but i am bi, i am also from america. i just love calling people luv. its endearing. sorry, if u dont like it i will stop

    #19878 Reply

    NONONO, I say it too lol, most people who say it are from the UK though that’s why I asked.

    My pronouns are she, her and my name is Kylee 🙂 but if you want you can call K, Kai, or Kiwi (I have so many nicknames its ridiculous)

    I’m bi or lesbian.

    #19879 Reply
    nobody cares

    that is dope, imma call u kay-kay, mmmkay?

    #19882 Reply

    Okayy :))

    #19883 Reply
    nobody cares

    hey can i ask u a weird question… dont take it the wrong way…

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