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The place to be for all your ukulele needs Forums I’m new here! Hi. I See There Are Many Gays Here, For I am one too

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    Hello there my fellow ukulele players. I am a big ray(rai) of sunshine. If y’all need a a good laugh or smile. Come here and we can vibe together. I’ve been playing ukulele for 2 years now and this is one of my main sites I go to for tabs and I finally figured out how to create an account lol. Ab bit about me: I’m A HUGE Cavetown fan. Love his music. Also I love most music too. basically any genre for the most part. I am Non Binary and please use They/Them/Theirs Pronouns for me. Thank you. And yeah Have a great day!! Hope to meet some awesome on here.
    ~ Rai of Musical Sunshine

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    HELL yeah. I’m trying to figure out my gender :/. But anyways, I also really enjoy cavetown. Do you listen to Khai Dreams?

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    Hell yeah, I listen to lots of different music.
    How are you doing?
    Also dont worry bout gender much. lol It takes time. just be you y’know.

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    I mean I guess I’m ok, but I’ve been feeling kinda depressed lately. And I know, but I’ve just been kinda stressed bout it.

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    pat pat(I like giving sympathy pats lol)
    just know if you need someone to talk to or just nerd out to music with. Im here for ya ^-^
    ~ Rai

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    hoi LGBTQIAPD+ people!!! here is a young lesbian that neeeeds other LGBTQIAPD+ people to talk to. I play uke and do a little art. Pronouns she/they btw. (you can do either

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    but honestly I just THINK my pronouns are she/they

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    Okie dokie. Hello and welcome. stay as long as you want and Im Rai. How are you doing?

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    as well as anyone is doing in quarantine.not quite sane. plus, I have a younger sister to keep me annoyed.

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    noice. same tbh

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    Hello, nice to meet you there. Happy pride btw

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    Happy Pride. How are you?
    Im Rai Btw.

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    Happy Pride! also this is my first Pride out of the closet so you know a little excited.

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    Hello Rai, I am fine enough. A bit worry about my life but that’s fine.

    and m_what, Happy for you!! TvT

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    Pat pat.

    m_what, Thats awesome. Its my second year out of the closest. lol

    Btw What are your guys pronouns? just curious.
    for those of you wondering, Mine are They/Them

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    I am still closeted.. quite sad but it’s fine for now. It´s reaallyy difficult to open up here.. ._.

    Hmm.. mine are she/her but just refer me by my name if it is convenient

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    Okie dokie. And If you want/need someone to talk to. its doesn’t have to be personal. If you need some to come out to. I’m here for you.
    just think of me as your friendly neighborhood Captain PRIDE. I’m here for all your queer needs. and this applies to everyone who has replied in the chat that I made. Y’all are valid and welcome.

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    I’m with Rai. Also, sorry that its hard! But its understandable. definitely hard for me. I’m gay/lesbian and when I came out my mom asked me and when I said yes she goes “I’ve known since you were 4” or something like that. I was like dude! thats longer than I’ve known!

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    watch this. my best friend sent it to me.

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    Lol My parents asked as well. last year. and I wasent really ready to come out. because I wasent quite sure what I was gender wise. but I’m non binary and proud now. but little do my parents know that I’m Demisexual. instead of pan. I’m still pan, but I’m panchromatic. Just know you’ve got time to figure yourself out. And even tho my parents accept me, they don’t use the right pronouns for me and there’s other things that I tried to explain to them but they just don’t really understand. like only since around the end of last year I started going by Rai. I didn’t them to figure out because they didn’t like the idea of me going by a new name because “its disrespectful to my family” and what not. but they found out after a while and didn’t care. I covered the truth and said its a nickname my fiends gave me. But they have been cool with using the correct name and pronouns for my friend at the right times. Its a mess. lol moral of the story, Don’t be afraid to take your time. Sorry if I ranted

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    its ok. i needed to hear that from a lgbt person

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    best friend doesn’t really like to talk about it.

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    I’m Glad I could help. My main purpose in life is to help others. also You are valid and accepted.
    This goes to EVERYONE who has talk to me. If you are not really accepted by family/ friends / or other around you. Just know You are accepted by me. I, Captain PRIDE am here for you. Captain PRIDE used to be just this inside joke I had with a friend and now they are my alter ego and my ally side of me. I’m a person that can see the beautiful in almost anything. I’m here if you need someone to talk to. I’m one of the most wholesome Beans out there. my friend started calling me that and yeah. but Just know you at least have me. you may not know me IRL but I am an ally to anyone/everyone. just please be kind and don’t ask me personal questions. If its LGBTQ+ related then I might but. I’m not sharing age or anything.

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    wdym your friend doesn’t like to talk about it? talk about what?

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