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The place to be for all your ukulele needs Forums I’m new here! Hi. I See There Are Many Gays Here, For I am one too

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    ive never heard of an electric ukulele but it sounds cool. haha coming out was very scary but my mom already suspected it and said like 5 months ago “i accept you” she said that for no reason too hah

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    All good. I understand that. Most of my friends that I have are LGBTQ+ and quite a few of them are trans. They have all helped me figure out who I am. But my parents are accepting but say the They/them pronouns as a single pronoun are grammatically incorrect and have called me being Ebny some what of a phase. But With the help of my close friends I’ve learned to just accept it and move on. because they all use my pronouns correctly and my preferred name so that’s good.

    Also, Otter, I have an Electric/Acoustic Concert ukulele.(Luna Brand) Its cool. Just if its like mine then don’t expect to be able to hear the amp tone over the ukulele because the ukulele is generally a soft but amplified on its own. This is my experience but over all its fun. My favorite brand of ukulele is Luna but their more on the pricey side sometimes, but I recommend it if its a decent to good quality ukulele.
    Also If anyone uses a pick for strumming, don’t use a plastic one, it doesn’t sound good, at least to me and it also can damage the body if you are tap it, I recommend a felt pick instead. I myself use my hands but for an amplified sound, felt picks work well.
    If you would like some more advice on anything ukulele or LGBTQ+ wise. just let me know.
    ~ Rai of Musical Sunshine

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    I agree with you, I don’t think plastic picks sound great on the uke. I generally don’t use a pick when playing by myself, but usually if I’m playing with my friends I’ll have to use a leather pick to be able to be heard over their guitars. (I play guitar a bit too but I honestly like ukulele better lol) Rai, thanks for the advice on the electric ukulele. I’ll check it out!
    My favorite ukulele is my Acoustic Lohanu Concert, but I might just look into Luna Brand! (lol my parents are a bit annoyed with my instruments laying around everywhere but my sister is also looking to buy a ukulele so maybe a Luna Brand one for her that I can “borrow” a lot)

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    Lol no problem. and yeah also I started on a Luna Tenor Ukulele and I love it so much. And I do have a Luna concert ukulele (acoustic/electric) and a Amahi Soprano. Tho now I have a baritone ukulele (Makala brand) and I really like lower tone ukulele’s, I play it alot. But Lunas are usually like just a really beautiful sound/wood. They also come with some design work usually around the sound hole or the body. Overall I just love music lol.
    ~ Rai of Musical Sunshine

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    hey, you people play any other instrument besides the ukulele? I also play the alto sax, a Lil piano(keyboard lol), and the recorder kinda haha.

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    Yeah, I play piano, guitar, clarinet, and I am also mediocre on the mandolin. Trying and failing to learn violin. I played the recorder once in fourth grade, does that count?

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    Lol I play Bass Clarinet, Guitar and Piano too. (keyboard) and recorder counts too Lmao. The recorder helped me learn the clarinet fingerings a bit. So yes. So how is everyone doing? seems like you two are in band, how do you feel about band rn? is it all online for you?
    ~ Rai

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    yeah everything is online for me, all we have to do for band is submit a video weekly of us doing the assignment. I’m doing well, one of my friends came out and i’m very happy for them!
    recorder helped me learn clarinet fingerings too, even though they are different tunings.
    also i joined the LGBTQ+ club at school! i’m excited to meet new people but also very nervous. the first meeting is in a few weeks, wish me luck! i’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

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    Good luck. and yeah. I actively attend my schools GSA. Very cool people. and that’s cool. I started off on clarinet and transferred to Bass Clarinet in 6th grade. Band rn is not as fun but we are using numerous band websites for assignments. Rn we are working on holiday collaborative assignment with our section. its fun lol
    ~ Rai

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    that’s cool, hopefully my band teacher will give us some holiday stuff to work on soon.
    i need to practice more on clarinet lol, i wish we were going to regular school cause there i would get to practice everyday and probably be more efficient at it too. band is fun lol that’s probably the thing i miss the most about school
    where i live everything is still online but we might be going back in january or we might not be, whatever happens with covid-19.
    hbu? is everything online for you all still?

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    Yeah everything is online. and Band is something I miss too. Motivation to practice my bass clarinet is low. but hanging in there. Im not a big fan of online because I prefer to work more hands on and also see friends and such too. Im not sure when we are planning to work toward going back to in person school because of the recent growing rate of covid-19 where i live so yeah.

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    ya so I’m in my school’s band and we’ve done one holiday music (its a lot like how otter does it) and actually, I’ve already gone back to school but no band in person yet

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    happy thanksgiving y’all
    i hope it was a good one

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    Pat pat. coolio tho. and Happy Late thanksgiving!

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    Hello everyone!
    How are y’all doing?
    How was thanksgiving for y’all if you celebrate it?
    have a great week!
    ~ Rai of Musical Sunshine

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    Hello! i’m doin’ fine! my thanksgiving was nice, i spent it with the family at home.
    kind of have that monday feeling, down in the dumps a bit.
    how was your thanksgiving, if you celebrate it?
    how are you all doing?
    ~Otter =)

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    oh pat pat, I get that. and Im doing good. Thanksgiving was good for me. just chilled.
    ~Rai of Musical Sunshine

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    that’s good that you had a good thanksgiving. i also have a story.
    so today, i was making my lunch, and my dad was there in the kitchen with me. all of the sudden i wanted to come out of the closet then and there, and just talk to him about it and stuff. so I opened my mouth and said “Dad” and he looked at me, and then the clock, and he said: “I have to go! I’m late for my appointment!” and he rushed out of the house and left me sitting at the counter.
    He’s really a great dad, (and I think he already knows a bit) it was just bad luck and timing and the lot. so i sat there eating my lunch and i was almost relieved that i hadn’t had to tell him i’m just a queer wreck. lol, so that’s today’s story, hope you enjoyed

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    haha, that was a nice story. I came out as trans to my mom a few weeks ago in a laundromat. I was talking to her about it but I made her forget if she put soap or not. my thanksgiving was good and I got to see my cousins for the first time in like 2 years

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    i always forget to put soap in whether i’m coming out while i’m doing it or not, so don’t feel bad.
    lol, maybe it never really goes as planned, right?

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    Hai… Can I join into the pride talk?

    My name is Kylee… Im currently in the closet because it’s nice and warm in here. Um… I have a girlfriend… and I think everyone knows (the few I have told) I’m Lesbian but I tell them I’m bi because… I don’t even know… :))

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    Its all good. Welcome. My names Rai, I’ve been out for 3 years. As Non Binary and Pan/Gay. and trust me, its no rush to come out. and That awesome you have a girlfriend. I have a boyfriend that my parents don’t know about but they know we like each other and they support it so yeah. but when it comes to me being Non binary. They wont get me a chest binder and don’t even think about using my preferred pronouns. But I have learned to deal with it and I have learned it good to surround yourself with good friends and people. Even tho my parents prolly don’t understand it much, I still have a few cousins and LGBTQ+ friends and allies that are have been through it all with me. so I’d say just come out when you feel ready. Feel free to share any stories on here. This chat I made is for a safe place if anyone needs to share something or get something of their chest. I’m all open ears.
    Otter, I wish you luck. Don’t forget, take your time and there is no rush to coming out. and if you feel ready, I fully support you. You got this.
    Theinsanelycooljaredklienman, that’s cool. I recently learned my cousin that’s closest in age to me (year apart) is pan. so that’s cool. Cousins can be great.
    Hope y’all are doing well.
    ~ Rai of Musical Sunshine

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    Rai, Thanks for even responding. I hope your parents get a better understanding of you… ya know? At least your brave enough to be you though.

    One of the only story I really have is one from when I was like… 8 I think… and I was at a sleepover with a friend who was 12 (a girl) and we were like BESTFRIENDS. We hung out like everyday because she live a 5 minute walk from my house and we lived in the middle of nowhere so our parents let us walk to each others houses. But back to the story. It was a regular sleepover and we were sharing a bed. We were watching a movie and she said she was tired and turned over and fell asleep. A few hours later (I was still up and watching tv) she turned towards me and fell asleep on my chest. I couldn’t sleep after because 1) she was really pretty when she slept (and I don’t mean that in a creepy way) and 2) I was scared that I would turn over and wake her… (she also made me really blushy and flustered when she was asleep on me) Now that I look at it I’m like “Wow… Im so fking gay” but then I thought it was just because we were good friends.

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    Lol I have had numerous moments like that. and now I’m openly gay and enby (non binary) with my friends and like back in 7th grade I was with my now ex. she is christian but she and I dated three times. the third time is when I learned that she is a really toxic person but one day back in 7th grade, I was walking home with her and we were dating at the time. we hung out in her tree house. talked and joked around. cuddled a tiny bit. but then the next day, I come back over and we had a sleepover. We did the same thing. and then we were curious and were close. She and I kissed. my first kiss. it was ok Ig. but then afterward, like 5 mins later we go down for water and then come back up and cuddle up and then she breaks up with me. so at that point I was stuck having a sleepover with my ex girlfriend, we stayed friends for a bit, but I woke up numerous times, and I was cuddled up next to her lmao. Now I’m in a happy relationship. He and I are both Non binary. lol I learned that he has liked me since we first ever like knew we existed lmao. back in 1st grade lol, but before him I had like 4 toxic relationships. and one good one. sadly that one ended because my parents found out. but now my parents know I like someone and they are supportive. little do they know that, my boyfriend and I have been together for 5 months now lol.
    ~ Rai of Musical Sunshine

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    Oh my wow.

    Me and my girlfriend (over labor day weekend) went to the lake together. It was with my mom’s bfs family and my brother and sister. There were like 20 people total and we were all piled on like 5 or 6 beds. So the “kids” had like 2 beds. and there were a lot of us. Me, my brother, my girlfriend, and my mom’s bf’s niece (lets call her E because that’s a lot to type out) were all sleeping on a king-size air mattress. So my gf was on the edge, then it was me, my brother and then E. Me and my gf were lowkey cuddling under the blankets, then my brother jumped on the bed and laid there (Bc everyone was laying down to go to bed), after that I was dead asleep. I woke up at like 3-4 am to my brother and gf pulling the blankets back and forth because they were bored. I was like “doode”. After they stopped pulling the blankets (they only stopped because it ripped) me and her went out to the road and rode her skateboard (more like I pulled her because she was tired and wanted to sit down) and we went and put out feet off the dock and watched the sunrise… It was like… perfect…

    I don’t know why but that was the prettiest sight I’ve ever seen. Her in my sweatshirt and a pair of shorts… with the yellowy-orange of the sunrise on her face… AHHHH!!! and the blushies come back…

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