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~Tuesday 13th of April 2021~

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The place to be for all your ukulele needs Forums I’m new here! Hi. I See There Are Many Gays Here, For I am one too

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    Lmao thats amazing. yeah before my boyfriend and I were a thing we flirted alot lmao. we were good friends. but like we spent lots of time together. I had first lunch and he and most of my friends has second so I would ask to go to the bathroom or take a break and get water(because my teacher was chill and I have anxiety) and I would stop by and chat with my friends and him and I would always hug. and during my walking class he would be in theater so he was able to walk outside if is was nice and practice stuff and if i was outside we would talk and such. and then after school was closed, we talked for hours over our Chromebooks. at the time I like him and another person but the feelings for the other person faded. so around the beginning of summer he and I officially confessed to each other and started dating. He and I have traded hoodies, written letters and long winded emails, and we would talk for hours on end. our longest phone call was like 8 hours one Sunday lol.

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    hi, new friend! i’m Otter, nice to meet you! ThePurpleKiwi, I’m still in the closet as well, you’re right, it is warm in here!
    Rai, that’s cool and thanks for the support!
    Y’all are so nice thanks so much

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    No problem, Otter. I’m a Ray on sunshine. and Captain Pride. I wouldn’t be so if I didn’t help/support my fellow Lgbtq+ peeps and allies

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    Me and my girlfriend used to go to the same school (and we live 4 miles from each other but it’s on a highway so we cant walk to each other’s houses) and when we did, id slip notes under the desk she would sit in (if she had class in there the next period) and we had the same lunch period so we would sit on this bench outside and just talk about our day and/or watch Netflix if there wasn’t a teacher outside. I used to go to her house every morning before school and make her breakfast (and pack her something for lunch), then her mom would drive us to school. But Then some things happened and I had to move for a little while and I didn’t see her for 316 days. we facetimed a few times and we talked on the phone for hours at a time. Our record was 39 hours but that wasn’t enough… I missed her like crazy and counting the days didn’t help. Our parents thought we were bad influences on each other so it took months after I got home for us just to be able to meet up again and when we did, I cried like a baby… I honestly needed her… and I still do.

    Now we go to different schools and our parents still hate us seeing each other but… I love her, and I have for years. My mom needs to understand this, even if she thinks we are just friends. Not seeing her is really hard and it’s doing a big toll on my mental health. I have depression and anxiety, I also have attachment issues and shizz so none of my situations is helping, ya know? I don’t know. I just miss her.

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    I dont know. The though of her literally brings me to tears. Like, yeah we are still together and we still love each other even if we can see each other and hug each other but I want that back. I want her back. I want to be able to hug her and hold her when she cries and I want to be her protector from the world… and I know this may sound cringy but its the truth…

    she just messaged me and said “call me when I get home” so I said “okay Lovey” and she just replied with “I miss you. God, I miss you… <3 Be home soon baby” and Im crying… 🙁

    also hai Otter 🙂

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    aww dont cry

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    Awwww I get that. Im kinda the same way. My boyfriend and I are very much in love and we havent been able to hangout fully without getting in trouble (long story) or just not being able to hangout because covid. like he has dropped off gifts and stuff but yeah. and rn he is grounded from his phone so that we only get to talk during school. but pat pat I fully understand where your coming from. pat pat
    ~ Rai

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    You definitely are a rai of sunshine 🙂

    Do you play video games?

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    Yeah I do lol. but only a few. I have a Wii and PS4 lol wbu?

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    ahhhhhh!!!! I have ps4 and Xbox 1!!! Maybe we can play a few games sometime if you want… again its totally up to you!!! (and this offer is open to anyone who wants to play)

    My ps4 user and my Fortnite user is Oogie_Boogie1416

    and my Xbox user is S4DG1RLH0URS (the A is a 4 the I is a 1 and the o is a 0 *zero*)

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    Nice. and Im technically not allowed to play with people online if Idk them Irl. but maybe someday.

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