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~Saturday 15th of May 2021~

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    I’ve unfortunately had a history of being really depressed (clinical depression, anxiety, anorexia/bulimia, self harm), and I often felt like I had no one to talk to, or looking out for me. I’m finally starting to recover though,which is good. If you are going through anything like I did, or are just having a bad day, please please talk to me. I don’t even know you, but I care anyway and will try to the best of my ability to help you out.

    I realize this is kind of a depressing post, but sometimes we’re all sad, and that’s okay. I know that I can’t really change anything for you, and that every decision is yours and yours alone to make, but I want you to know that there’s always someone out there that’s got your back. Please keep on living. It’s worth it, I promise. 🙂

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    I am screaming for help but no one seems to listen, and I don’t really want them to at times. I talk to my friends and as soon as they leave or we hang up it hurts more than ever. Now I don’t have school to distract me and my anxiety is getting worse. When school let out for the summer, I started self-harming. I have some friends that self-harm but I’m afraid to talk to them. My mom had depression, so did my dad. I just can’t talk to anyone right now. Help

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    I’m really sorry to hear that… If there is anything I can do to help, please please let me know. I’m always gonna be out there for you if you ever wanna talk.

    So, I got into self harm about a year and a half ago and quit about 2 months ago. I realized that it really didn’t change anything positively for me, and now I’m afraid to wear shorts because I have so many terrible scars. Please, try to stop before it’s too late. And if your friends self harm, they will probably be the best source of support for ya. If you’re afraid to tell them, I’d recommend casually having a couple ‘fresh ones’ in visible sight to them. Chances are, if they’re anything like me, they’ll immediately notice and try to help you out as much as they can. They’ll probably be able to relate, too. And, if things take a turn for the best, you could all work together to quit self harming, which believe me, I know, sounds impossible. But it is possible. You have to commit and be strong. Stronger than you already are. I want you to know that being depressed, or crying, does not make you weak. It does not mean you can’t get better. The only thing that it means, is that you’ve been strong for far too long. I cannot stress how frickin important it is to let yourself lean on someone. I don’t know you, but I’ll just guess that you’re the type of person that spends so much time taking care of others, that you forget to take care of yourself. That’s how I am, and it’s hard. It’s just hard. Please just realize that there’s always somebody out there for ya, wether that’s your friends, family, school guidance counselor, or even me. Even if you don’t love yourself, I promise you, there’s so many people that do love you, unconditionally.

    Wow, that was really long and probably most redundant… But I did mean every word of it. Well…. Stay alive, Fren. It’s worth it, I promise.

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    Thank you so much.

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    Yeah. But keep me posted on how you’re doing, if you feel comfortable doing that! I hope for the best for ya! ?

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    I definitely will.

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    Thanks X10000! Good luck.

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    My parents have been really short tempered lately. I feel terrible cause It’s my fault. Trying to stop but I can’t. I told one of my closest friends and she got upset and mad and stuff. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..

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    Why do you feel like it’s your fault?

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    Every time they get mad it has some direct or indirect connection to me…. it’s a lot to explain and a lot of personal stuff

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    Gotcha. I thinks that’s just something that happens to all teens lol. But if you’re really concerned you should definitely talk to them, it’ll probably help if they know that you’re stressed out due to their short-temperdness.

    So, I’m not sure if I got it correctly, but you said your friend was mad at you when you told her about your self harm thing? That’s kinda sucky. One of my friends is mad at me rn because I’m anorexic and bulimic, and I have no idea why! So I guess we’re sorta in the same boat here.


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    Thanks. About the second one, she just got really upset and demanded that I stop and a bunch of other stuff. I know she was just concerned but…. I don’t know where I was going with this. She blames herself for me because she said she is supposed to make me happy and she does. She told me she was depressed a while ago and that she was thinking of self-harm and that was the breaking point for me and a bunch of stuff was going on and she says that is why I’m upset.
    I’ve been getting better. Only when I’m alone with my thoughts do I really feel sad. Music has been in my whole life, and since everything started it’s helped 1000%. I’ll be okay

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    Also, Sorry If that last one made absolutely no sense. I just read it back and I was just trying to sort out my thoughts the other day (as you can see I was unsuccessful) 🙂 🙁 o__o

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    Sometimes- All the time-I just want to die, i have cut for a long time, and i dont know what to do, I’ve tried suicide way too many times to count and im only 14

    p.s. (So no im not okay)


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    Hi fren |-/ you up for talking?

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    Hey fren! Sorry I haven’t been able to talk lately! I feel kinda terrible about that. 🙁 I’ve been in Wisconsin by myself for the past few weeks so…. Yeah.

    But anyway, how are your parents doing? Any better? And also, please tell me you’ve at least started to stop self harm? Please? If not, it’s okay, I totally get it. But seriously, I do want the best for you.

    @houseoftwentyonepilots: I’m so sorry to hear that! I can relate more than I’d like to be able to… I’m here for you fren. Please don’t try to kill yourself again. If you think no one cares about you, think again. I care. Your parents care, even if they don’t show it. Your peers care. Your teachers care. We would all be just devastated if you didn’t wake up. Also, Tyler cares…. “stay alive, stay alive, for me”. So if for nothing else, stay alive for music. If you’re gone, you’ll never hear Tyler or Brendon’s (or whoever your favorite artists are) again. And that would be awful. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. What you feel right now, WILL pass. I promise. Go eat some chocolate, and remember that you are loved. ❤

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    I just figured out how to read the second page because im an idiot lol… But it’s totally fine. Wisconsin sounds really fun.
    We just figured out we are moving so actually everyone is more stressed. I need to read 2 more books in less than a month, writing and doing a lot of other things, yet my parents expect me to help with moving more than anyone in the house. I went to a camp with other people like me. They were really cool, it ended on Friday tho. I stopped (self harm) for about 3 weeks. But then moving started…. But I’m getting better, but I noticed instead of self-harming, I’ve been having terrible insomnia. Nothing seems to work to help me fall asleep.
    Thanks for listening to me whine and complain again.

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    my friends like your username

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