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~Monday 12th of April 2021~

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    Greetings from the UK. Although I play guitar (Badly) I have no experience with Ukuleles. Being Left Handed I sometimes have to modify my instruments. Looking at the nut & bridge string mountings Is it possible just to turn a ukulele upside to play or are the 2 inner & 2 outer strings interchangeable. Hope this question is not too dumb. Regards Bob

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    Hi Bob, I’ve moved your topic to the “Ukulele Q&A” forum 🙂

    It is definitely possible to play it ‘upside down’ and simply change the string order. So a symmetric ukulele might be your way to go and maybe some very small bridge and nut adjustments might be necessary. There are however also some dedicated ‘left-handed’ ukuleles available.

    Hopefully this helped you a little bit 🙂

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    Cheers Jonas, There is a huge Ukulele movement in the UK at the moment, with some quite large bands (50+ members) in a lot of towns & cities. At the moment I’m just going to look at the lower end of the market until I can master the techniques. Also low cost if I ruin an instrument while tinkering. Regards Bob

    Suggestions of reasonable manufacturers welcome

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    Oscar Schmidt is a well known brand that manufactures good quality budget ukulele and includes left handed ukuleles in their line-up. I don’t know what their availability is in the UK though, but you can find them in several online (European) shops. Kala, Makala is also a well established brand.

    If you’re looking for a good ukulele store in the UK I can suggest the Southern Ukulele Store. I’ve never been there personally, but I’ve heard good things about it.


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    I’m a lefty too, and at this point in my life, I’ve played enough righties strung backwards..I refuse to do it anymore.

    As with guitars, you get one lefty “choice” for every 100 right handed offerings. Oscar Schmidt does a pretty good job. I’ve got a beautiful lefty from them.

    I’ve also found a company in Canada that is very left conscious, Twisted Wood. They were very understanding of my needs.

    Good Luck!

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