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    Hello i’m Fenna. I have a Fazley K-21W. It’s a cheap one but don’t wanna destroy it. I really wanna paint on in (with acrylic paint) but I don’t know if the paint stays on.
    I see some people sand their uke but I have a lacquer/ shiny finish? over my uke. So I don’t wanna so that.

    So does anyone know if I can just paint on it? or does someone already have experience? thank you!

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    I hand painted both of my ukuleles with glossy acrylic paint, and then sealed the paint then i was done. They are Twenty One Pilots and Disney’s “Up” themed. The Twenty One Pilots uke I painted just the back with quotes, symbols, etc. from their new album “Trench” and trimmed the side edges in yellow ribbon.. The “Up” uke i removed the string and taped the sides and the fretboard. I then did a blue gradient on the front from a light teal to a dark cyan. I painted the back a sky blue and painted clouds on the bottom 1/3. After that, I painted a bunch of colored circles on the top 1/3. After those dried, I outlined them with black and drew strings coming from the balloons (circles) down to the clouds to give it the appearance of the balloons from the house peeking over the clouds. I wrote the famous quote “Adventure Is Out There” on the clouds, and put gloss on it so move of the paint chips. I painted the sides and neck of the ukulele blue, and trimmed it in teal ribbon.

    I bought two ukuleles that didnt have a gloss finish so the paint would stay better, but I don’t know how it would work with the glossy finish. You could try and paint on it, but I would paint where you want to paint with white first, then paint it. It would make it easier to apply paint.

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    i’ve been thinking of doing that, but to another ukulele because the only ukulele i have has these beautiful laser etchings on the front that i would never paint over. if you did paint on a uke btw i would make sure it didn’t have a gloss finish because the paint would likely chip or slide off quite easily.

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    It would have to be a real cheapie ukulele for me to paint it. I think it would deaden the sound so much that it would sound like a plastic toy.

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    If you have glossy finish on your uke, sanding it before hand is your best bet if you want paint to stay. Sanding wears the surface just enough that your uke will retain its shape, but becomes coarse enough for the paint to have something to grip to. It can sound kinda weird because you’ll feel like you’re taking some beauty out of it by sanding, but that won’t matter once you’ve painted something beautiful on it 🙂 . Afterwards, yes, lightly coat it in varnish or some other clear finish. I would suggest two or three layers of varnish for something that could get worn like a ukulele, just make sure that you’re brushing it on relatively thin. This will protect it, and bring back the shine! I’ve never painted a uke, but I have experience painting on wood and plastic surfaces, and imagine it would translate.

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    I learned by accident that sharpie gets off of a ukelele very easily by hairspray! So if you want a part-time drawing then you can easily wash it off by a spray or two of hairspray!

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