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~Monday 18th of January 2021~

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    1.Never Let Your Children Grow Up- Maddie Poppe (this 1 is my fave)
    2.Tear in My Heart- Twenty-One Pilots
    3.Inside Out- Hillsong
    4.A Million Dreams- Greatest Showman
    5.Oceans- Hillsong


    I know a Million Dreams!! I love it!


    oh, mexico by jeremy zucker too 🙂

    Flower of a million cats

    1. Darkside by Alan Walker
    2. This is Home by Cavetown
    3. A Million Dreams from Greatest Showman


    1. Faded
    2. The Spectre
    3. Alone
    Alan Walker is cool!
    1. Light The Sky
    2. I Don’t Know My Name
    3. Clay
    Grace VanderWaal is cool
    And also a bunch of other cool songs even though you can’t play half of the on the uke.

    Rai Of Musical Sunshine

    Any songs written by Cavetown.


    Anyways have a good day!

    ~ Rai

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