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~Monday 12th of April 2021~

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    Thanks first off, for clicking on this because you love the Ukulele (hopefully) and alternative/emo music.
    Secondly, I’m still figuring out how to find a way for everyone to be able to share music. SO bear with me please and thank you! Really exited about seeing how many people want to join.
    That brings me to number three! How to join. To join you just do these things:
    1) Let me know what you want to be called
    2) How long you have played the ukulele (skill doesn’t matter, just gives me an idea)
    3) favorite artist/band (top 3) and favorite song on the Ukulele
    So my info would be…. you can just call me by my user: Twenty-One Panicked Discos. I have been playing for 7 months. Favorite artists are Twenty-Pilots, MCR, and P!ATD. favorite uke song: The Judge by TOP.

    This was long but thanks so much if you made it this far!

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    Hi! I’d love to join.
    1) Call me Sarah. My name is from Sarah Smiles by Panic! but Sarah is my real name too
    2) I’ve played for about half a year
    3) I love TOP, Panic!, and My Chemical Romance, also Fall Out Boy (I’m seeing them in a couple months!!)
    My favorite Uke song right now is Kaleidoscope Eyes by Panic! at the Disco but it changes all the time
    Thanks for making this club!

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    Awesome! I’m going to wait for a few more people and try to figure out a way to share all of the stuff but then we can start playing music. πŸ™‚ (also, your user is really cool)

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    Aw thanks, yours is cool too. I’m really excited about this club because you actually responded, other clubs don’t actually ever start anything lol

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    That’s what I noticed too (about the not doing anything part). If we gather up a few more people we can start fairly soon

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    I just realized that there’s a ukuclubs page, if you hover over the home button. You probably already know that but just in case you are still looking for a way to make the club, I wanted to tell you. I’m sort of new to this website so that’s why I didn’t know.

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    I actually found that today as well πŸ™‚ i looked around and i think those are for in person clubs and so far I can’t do that. I searched up where I live and there were no clubs in my area so I think I will just stick to being on the forum. Thank you though πŸ™‚

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    Hello!! I would like to join the club!
    1. My name is Rachel and absolutely love the ukulele
    2. I’ve been playing for about 5 and a half years, so I’m pretty good at this.
    3. My favorite bands are tΓΈp, muse, and the neighbourhood. My favorite song to play right now is I Belong To You by muse!
    And a lot of people have never heard of my favorite bands other than tΓΈp but I do know a lot of songs from p!atd and mcr and those bands.

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    Awesome! I’m really exited that there is another person interested. I really like the neighborhood and I think I know a couple songs by muse. I am very open to suggestions about how everyone can share music and stuff (mainly because I have no idea but….) so, yeah there is that. πŸ™‚
    I might wait for one more person but we will start definitely on July 15 (or before).

    I’m really tired so if that made no sense I’m sorry. (I’m so tired that when I did dishes this morning, I tried to put the clean dishes in the sink and the dirty dishes in the cabinets. -_-)

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    Man, I wish more people would join. This is one of the only serious alternative clubs here. Did you find a way to share the music yet? Not rushing you, just wondering. πŸ™‚

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    Yeah, same. We’ll just start lol. I have a few ideas
    So there are some video sharing websites we could use. The more obvious of the few is YouTube, and if you don’t want to share it like with the rest of the world we could just use private videos. I don’t have any other websites specifically but you get the idea. I don’t have anything else so ideas would be cool. If youtube would work for you We could do that but we don’t have to

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    I could probably do youtube but that kinda makes me nervous. I don’t know, I guess I should have expected that we would share videos and stuff, I just want you all to know I’m not very good. Just keep your expectations low lol

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    I don’t have any doubt that you’ll do great. I’m also kinda nervous tbh. I’m going to do public videos but you don’t have to…. AHH I feel like im pressuring you to do stuff…. sorry.

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    No you’re not, I’m chill. I’ll start with private but if I get confident enough maybe I’ll do public. Should we make like specific channels on YT for this? I have no idea what I’m doing sorry lol

    Also don’t be nervous, I’m sure you’ll do awesome. Even if you don’t, tbh I’m just happy to have a friend (that sounds pathetic lol)

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    Im just going to use my regular Youtube because i don’t feel like making another. You can do whatever. your totally fine lol.
    Friends are awesome and im running low (that sounds terrible) so same here! (that sounded, like, really terrible XD)

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    SOrry I haven’t been here. I’ve been staying at my grandparents for vacation and we are moving and a bunch of stressful stuff. I will be back on Tuesday and we can officially start. What song do you want to play first?

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    Omg sorry I was on vacation too. I’m back now and idk what song we should play, I really don’t care as long as its not too hard. Right now I’m learning Fake Your Death by MCR and also New Perspective by Panic! Also I don’t have a good camera yet so uhh, my covers will be really low quality to begin with. Oh well. You can pick a song if you’d like and we can both try it I guess? I’m setting up my youtube currently.

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    Hello, fellow peeps.
    I want to join!
    1: You can call me Wolfee or Madi (I don’t really care)
    2: I’ve been playing for 9 months
    3: My bands, top, P!ATD, MCR
    My favorite ukulele song…
    House of Gold
    This club seemed lit, so I thought I’d join, and Twenty-one Panicked Discos is one of the best names I have ever seen.
    Your rambled fellow emo, Wolfee ( or Madi )

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    Hey!!! Welcome to the club! I haven’t heard from the club owner in about a week, so I’m not sure what’s going on… But hopefully it will start soon! <3

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    Hey reallly reallllllly sorry. Had to do a lot of school related stuff and some stuff went down where I didn’t have a computer so I’m here now! Welcome Madi/Wolfee! Exited to have you (that was cheezy bear with me) My camera is sucky too so don’t worry. πŸ™‚ Do you guys want to start with a T0P song/somehting chill or something more rock-ish like panic/mcr/atl/fob definetly let me know sorry about the typos πŸ˜€

    Ps: I will not have my ukulele with me until Friday because we are moving (really excited) by then we will have wifi and all that jazz so I will be here throughout the week to check in and stuff. Sorry it’s been so long and I promise I will upload by the end of the week on YT. Some songs we could do
    1) The Judge by T0p
    2) screen by T0P
    3) Golden Days by Panic!
    4) any other suggestions (pls not like #5 difficulty lol)
    My goal is so have the song chosen tomorrow and for me to upload on Friday. Really sorry this is long and I’ve been gone for so long.

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    Its okay! And I don’t care what song we do, maybe for the first time we could even do different songs, just to get comfortable with the whole thing. This should be my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3KrSe4ZsYNk0amVJPFw2Yg
    (Sorry if the link doesn’t work)
    I don’t have anything on there right now and my profile pic is Gerard (Just so you know it’s me (I know I’m a loser)). Lol but hopefully I will also upload by Friday and my video will probably be private, I’ll invite you guys.

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    You’re not a loser XD I think doing different songs would be really cool! That’s a really good idea. Thanks!

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    I don’t know what’s going on but I’ve been trying to send my link and it will copy/paste but when I send the message it doesn’t show up. If you can see like 10 messages of my Youtube link im really sorry it might just be me but idk. Btw: you have a new subscriber <3

    #1474 Reply

    I subscribed back, but I didn’t get any messages. Idk how to actually get messages on youtube, trying to figure it out now XD

    #1475 Reply

    like notifications? The bell button. If you want to send like idk i guess they are messages go to the about section of a channel. ( I think I hope im right)

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